FP3 LOS is in a "boot loop"?

Hello community!

since yesterday evening, after my FP3 turns of because of low battery, it is not starting anymore…
It means… it starts but i stuck in the mode …from wich i thought it is the boot mode…
i can choose some options with the volume up and down buttons but when i click the start button , the phone starts again… and again…
i tried to put the SD card and the akku out and start after a while…
the connection with the computer is also not working.

is there a way to get out? without loosing al my data?
any ideas? ?


Hi Joshua and welcome to the community forum.

The screen you show is the bootloader, and it seems it is having trouble loading and validating your OS.
The device is locked, so no new version can be flashed to it at this stage I think.

Can you specify which OS and which version you were running? Stock FPOS May update?

Are you familiar with ADB (or at least do you have the drivers and toolkit available on a PC or Mac? Don’t worry if the reply is no.

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Hi OldRoutard and thanks for your answer!
Now i know what my Problem is =)

i have the Android 9 and maybe the May update… not so shure wich version it could be…

And the reply is no… Im not familiar with ADB…
Im very new in this and it needed much time to install Leneage on the phone… but if i needed the drivers and toolkit for installing then i have it still on my PC…

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That’s good!
If you’ve installed LineageOS then you should be able to manage. However, you might like to see if there’s a #fairphoneangel in your area - check out the map.

When you installed LineageOS is this the guide you followed?

Al right, than i try my best…
In my area is unfortunately no fairphoneangel…

Its a bit ago when i installed the OS… i think i used the guide on the lineageOS.org …But not sure…

do you have any idea where i need to start to solve the problem?
i have Linux Mint. do you think this are the right platform-tools?

Hi Joshua,
Sorry for the delay.
Before going any further we need to make sure communication is OK between your PC and the FP3. Could you please:

  • on the computer open a command line (terminal) window
  • change to the “platform-tools” directory
  • turn on the phone and wait until the boot loader screen shows
    (N.B. - this is also known as “fastboot mode”).
  • connect the phone to a USB port on the computer
  • on the computer, type the command line:
    fastboot devices
  • you should get a response similar to the following:
    A123BCDE4567 fastboot (the 12 alphanumeric characters are the phone’s serial number).

If you don’t get the expected response then try using a different port on the computer or a different USB cable. Power off the phone when you’ve finished.
I’m looking into how best to proceed from there, will get back soon.

Quick update.
If your case is similar to the one here, (see also the image), then the burning question is whether you need to try and salvage data, before attempting a “factory reset” which will delete all data and apps installed on the phone.

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