FP3+ Lineage 17.1 removes TWRP? Which Partitions to backup?

Since a few days I’m using Lineage 17.1 happily.
I just installed my first update flawlessly.

Now I wanted to reboot to recovery which is TWRP.
But the Lineage Bootloader started instead. After choosing “Reboot to revovery” or something similar my FP3+ started the Lineage Bootloader/Recovery again.

Does Lineage remove TWRP?

I want to keep TWRP to be able to restore backups.
Do I have to install TWRP again after each Lineage-Update?
Will this cause problems?

And another question:
The List of partitions of my FP3+ looks different to the partitions that I know from the FP2.
Which partitions do I have to backup in order to be safe?

It is not recommended to install TWRP on your FP. You should boot into TWRP from your PC via ADB.

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Ok, thanks for that Information!

So backups can still be handled with TWRP although it was much more handy and comfortable having the possibility to directly boot to TWRP without a computer. But adb is alright to me.

But: which partitions and caches do I have to backup to be secure?

For me this is important to know because when I failed to root my lineage 10.1 with Magisk last week a restore of all partitions and Caches was impossible. Although I had ticked everything that was visible in TWRP backup.

Can anybody tell me what has to be in the backup?

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