🇬🇧 🇩🇪 FP3- Komoot, Skype, Deezer don't worksol

Hey there,
I am using my FP3 die absolut half a year and some apps don’t work.
It’s always the same behaviour: After starting the Screen turns black and sometimes my FP3 has to be restarted.

Has anyone the same Problems? Maybe soneone knows what to do.
Thanks in advance and answers are Welcome in German as well :slight_smile:
The Apps u

Sorry, no solution, but I am using komoot regularly on my fp3 without running into any problems …

Some further info would be helpful …

What exactly is given in Settings - About phone - Build number?

Did you take any steps out of the average users’ comfort zone, like e.g. disabling unwanted Google Apps and services, blocking network traffic with a firewall App, rooting the phone, or anything else?

If you use an SD card in the phone, did you leave it be as removable external storage, or did you incorporate the card into Internal Storage?

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Thanks for your Help, i guess the Problem was caused by the SD Card (used as a removal storage). I ejected it and now all Apps Run without Problems :slight_smile:


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