FP3+ is having trouble loading

Hi there,

I have a fairly new FP3+ (only a few weeks old) and now got problems to load it. Whenever it is connected to the cable the loading status flickers between “loading slowly” and something else.
I assumed a loose contact but could not find any position that would work properly. The cable itself worked until now and still works for another device so I think this should be fine.
I checked if the battery is loose because I read that somewhere else in the forum, but this is not the case.

Any ideas what else I could try before I do a factory reset and send it back?


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Which cable and which charger are you using?

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If previously, with the same charger and cable, fast charging worked properly, this is the same problem I had a few months ago. In this forum thread you can find some possible solutions… for me, it worked cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

But, if the phone is still under warranty (which I assume is the case), you can #contactsupport and maybe they can help you.

I hope it helps, best of luck.

PD: This problem is also being discussed here.

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thanks everyone for your help and the warm welcome! It turned out it indeed was the cable that had a slight damage. Somehow the other device was a bit less picky when it came to charging with the damaged cable :smiley:
I bought a new cable which is USB certified and labeled with “quick charge” and this one works fine.


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