FP3 how to get Peace of Mind app (FP1)

Hi, I am just starting the change from FP1 to FP3, including the big jump from very old android version to current.

What I can’t find is the of Peace of Mind switch or an alternative solution, and also, on the FP1 I could set the phone so it automatically switches off at night and on again in the morning.

Can anybody help?
Sorry to start a new topic with this, I did search the forum but did not find an open thread where to post this.

In the F-Droid repo (Free and Open Source Android App Repository) which you can download here you can find the app Peace of Mind+.
Originally developed by Kwame Corporation for Fairphone 1, Peace of Mind+ aims simply to bring this beautiful app to other devices, and for future Fairphone-owners patiently waiting to receive their phone!


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In case you are referring to an automatic shutdown feature as of old with this, and not to the Piece Of Mind App (which I don’t know) …

In short: Not a Fairphone only issue, not possible right now with stock Android in general, just use Airplane mode at night.


FYI: The app is not only available on F-Droid but on the Google Play store as well: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.mudar.fairphone.peaceofmind
Direct link to F-Droid: https://f-droid.org/app/ca.mudar.fairphone.peaceofmind

@linusg thank you! (but I don’t use google features)

@Lidwien thank you! I installed the app but somehow it’s not working yet.

When I open it, I get asked about granting access to loads of google features while in the “do not disturb” mode (which I all didn’t tick of course), then I punched in a duration and granted permission, and then the timer is reset to 0. Will try it again later.

After installing I granted permission. I set the timer to 5 minutes Total Silence. But unfortunately an incoming call is playing the ringtone.
So I guess the app isn’t working on the FP3 as it should be.

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OK so it’s not just mine, tnx.

slightly off-topic: My FP1 I has this feature where the colour of the locked screen (blue, green, red, orange) gives a reference to the status of the battery. Any chance it can be activated for FP3 as well? (no idea if it was an FP- or OS-thing)

I have no idea. I switched the icon of the battery percentage in the statusbar on top of the screen to on.
You can do this by going to Settings,
go to Battery
switch the Battery percentage to on/green.

Lock screen/Mood Changer overview

The lockscreen is what the user sees when he turns on the device. This is the layer of protection between the phone and unwanted usage of the device. The Fairphone project has conceived a Fairphone lockscreen that will be based on the Android 4.2.2 one, allowing lock screen widgets and allowing the user to select a mood changer that will depict the battery level as a set of background colors that will replace the background and give the device a very clean look.

You might be able to find the sourcecode in that repository, not sure if it’s part of the launcher app. The repository contains the original peace of mind sourcecode as well.

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