FP3+ front (selfie) camera just 4MP

Hello community.

Possibly someone has also had the problem or has a tip for me.

I have a fairphone 3 which I upgraded some time ago with the new camera+ modules. After the recent update to Android 11, I checked all the features and noticed that the front camera only takes pictures at 4 megapixels. Since I’ve almost never used the front camera before, I didn’t notice this. But fairphone states 16 megapixels for the front camera+ module.

Attempts at a solution so far:

  • Reset the android app. No change.
  • Alternative camera app. Also only 4 megapixels.

Does anyone know what this could be? Is somewhere a setting adjusted?


Those reading are correct.

I have an FP3+ :-

The rear camera outputs 12MPx from a 4x12MPs sensor:-

The front camera outputs 4MPx from a 16MPs sensor it seems ???

Maybe the phone is reading the camera incorrectly. Worth looking into as the rear camera 48 to 12 can cleary be explained. Maybe it’s an OS update issue, as it used to read 16MP ???

The FP3+ selfie camera module is definitely capable of producing 16 MP (or rather 15.9, I think) selfie pictures. I do remember this from when I still used Fairphone OS (Android 10) on my FP3+, and right now I get 12 MP selfies on /e/OS (Android 10) with the default camera app (Open Camera). Interestingly, the GCam Port camera app that I have used (and adored for main camera photos) for a while now also produces just 4 MP selfies.

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Yes I just found an old post:

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I’ve just noticed this too. Selfie camera now limited to 4MP.

I’ve cleared the data of the camera app twice, entered the camera developer settings but can’t find a way to reenable the full resolution of the selfie camera

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Just to confirm using A11 I have 4MPx using

  • default camera
  • Open camera
  • Gcam Nikita V8
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Same here. Here’s what ProShot Evaluator says about my FP3+ Front camera (Android 11):

Click to open


I changed the cameras in my Fairphone 3 (Android 11) to the camera+ modules.
The main camera+ shows 12MP in the camera app, which I know is correct (always 4 pixels are combined to one pixel).
But the front camera+ only shows 4MP in the camera app (also in Open Camera) even it should have 16MP. I have nothing found that the front camera+ uses the same technique as the main camera+.
Am I wrong in expecting 16MP for the front camera+?
Thank you for your help,
Jörg from Munich

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Moved your post to this existing, please see some information above

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It is being looked at so hopefully some new update will clarify this but not necessarily the next OS update.

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I’m very interested in more specifics. My FP3+ front cam is limited to 4MP after the Android 11 update (should be 16 MP) and the pictures of the main camera are often oversharpened, have color-banding and a sort-of posterization effect (unsure if that’s the right term) and are unfortunately not very nice looking at 100%. (Open Camera 1.50.1)


and this for the sharpness

Thanks Amoun (needed to switch to Camera API 2 to change “Edge mode” setting). Looking forward to getting back my missing pixels from the front camera in the near future.


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