FP3+ & FP4 hearing aids and direct streaming

At least in Germany I see more and more little kids wearing hearing aids, I don´t know about the details, but I´d say that either there are much more kids hearing bad than 20 years ago or the doctors do more testing and give kids the first hearing aids at a much earlier age (the technology is much better than 20 years ago, so this would make sense).

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Please bear in mind that normally hearing aids use 2 BT-connections. One for every ear. I also tried with another phone (not Fairphone) to connect a third BT-decice. It did not work.

Usually you can test a HA at home for some days. I tested many (Think the specialist hates me for for this :wink: - so you can find the right one. In my opinion it is mainly a matter of the chip in the HA whether it connects to many different BT-connections or not. The so-called ASHA is nice but I assume that in future more and more HAs will connect like other BT-devices to all modern phones.
My FP 4 works with my HA for streaming music and audio books- without ASHA. But telcons are not streamed. For me no problem as I can use the loudspeaker instead but for other people it is a problem.
Test as much as you can even if the seller hates you ;-

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Thank you for pointing this problem with one BT connection for each HA. I didn´t think of this. And you are right - this is a problem with other phones, too.
But it´s still registered as only one BT device on the smartphone.

If I compare this with the audio device settings of the HAs on the Windows computer, there I can see more options in the device list (for example for my ComPilot from Phonak):

  • Connection with HA audio/mic
  • Connection with HA audio
  • Connection with HA mic
  • Connection with other mic

With these options, I can pick audio for my HAs (better sound quality than with the audio/mic option) and use the other microfone for speaking.

I would really appreciate it, if I could do the same on my phone.

I connect my hearing aids with my Compilot II and the Compilot II connects as one connection through bluetooth to my Fairphone 3 and the same for my Fairphone 4.

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But when you do a call, there is no way to use only audio to HA and as mic the phone or an external BT mic.

I´m testing the Phonak Audeo Life right now and I can already confirm it´s compatible with FP3+ with /e/ and Windows 10 computers (with BT chips generations from the last two years - I didn´t test older ones).
The ComPilot isn´t necessary anymore and the “myPhonak” app is working.


Dear Freigeist, i’m installing the Phonac app and Will try out on my Resound aids. A first bit of hope since long. Thanks

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Many thanks. This info is valuable as:

  1. It works also on a custom Rom (/e/) without proprietory Google ASHA
    2.Working is depending on the HA-chip and not only on the phone
    3.Time seems to be over for HA-manufacturers to determine the phone we have to use and I can stay with my Fairphone.
    Very good news!
    I hope it will also work with a Linux-computer.
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Mainly linking for reference reasons, maybe some of the German-speaking folks can contribute: 🇩🇪 Telefonieren mit Hörgeräten (Oticon)

Is there anything new about this item? Why cannot Fairphone bring the Asha protocol in a software update or something like that? I am sincerely missing some options of my hearing aids because I cannot connect them with my Fairphone 3

Hello @Popko

which hearing aids do you have?

Regarding ASHA:

So, you can you could start a poll in the forum to ask how many FP users do have ASHA hearing aids and send the result to FP support.
If there are enough, then maybe they will include it.

I learnt from this post that it seems not to depend on ASHA only but also on the hearing-aid itself. Resound is closely connected to Apple and only fully compatible to some dedicated phones e.g. Samsung and Pixel. But there are aids like Phonak working also with customs roms and I don’t believe that /e/ includes proprietory
My decision for next hearing aid is clear: Will accept only one working with nearly all phones like Bluetooth ear plugs do.

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Sorry for taking some time to answer …
The hearing aids I use are: AMPLIFON AMPLI-ENERGY R 3 P R SLV