FP3+ & FP4 hearing aids and direct streaming

At least in Germany I see more and more little kids wearing hearing aids, I don´t know about the details, but I´d say that either there are much more kids hearing bad than 20 years ago or the doctors do more testing and give kids the first hearing aids at a much earlier age (the technology is much better than 20 years ago, so this would make sense).

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Please bear in mind that normally hearing aids use 2 BT-connections. One for every ear. I also tried with another phone (not Fairphone) to connect a third BT-decice. It did not work.

Usually you can test a HA at home for some days. I tested many (Think the specialist hates me for for this :wink: - so you can find the right one. In my opinion it is mainly a matter of the chip in the HA whether it connects to many different BT-connections or not. The so-called ASHA is nice but I assume that in future more and more HAs will connect like other BT-devices to all modern phones.
My FP 4 works with my HA for streaming music and audio books- without ASHA. But telcons are not streamed. For me no problem as I can use the loudspeaker instead but for other people it is a problem.
Test as much as you can even if the seller hates you ;-

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Thank you for pointing this problem with one BT connection for each HA. I didn´t think of this. And you are right - this is a problem with other phones, too.
But it´s still registered as only one BT device on the smartphone.

If I compare this with the audio device settings of the HAs on the Windows computer, there I can see more options in the device list (for example for my ComPilot from Phonak):

  • Connection with HA audio/mic
  • Connection with HA audio
  • Connection with HA mic
  • Connection with other mic

With these options, I can pick audio for my HAs (better sound quality than with the audio/mic option) and use the other microfone for speaking.

I would really appreciate it, if I could do the same on my phone.

I connect my hearing aids with my Compilot II and the Compilot II connects as one connection through bluetooth to my Fairphone 3 and the same for my Fairphone 4.

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But when you do a call, there is no way to use only audio to HA and as mic the phone or an external BT mic.

I´m testing the Phonak Audeo Life right now and I can already confirm it´s compatible with FP3+ with /e/ and Windows 10 computers (with BT chips generations from the last two years - I didn´t test older ones).
The ComPilot isn´t necessary anymore and the “myPhonak” app is working.


Dear Freigeist, i’m installing the Phonac app and Will try out on my Resound aids. A first bit of hope since long. Thanks

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Many thanks. This info is valuable as:

  1. It works also on a custom Rom (/e/) without proprietory Google ASHA
    2.Working is depending on the HA-chip and not only on the phone
    3.Time seems to be over for HA-manufacturers to determine the phone we have to use and I can stay with my Fairphone.
    Very good news!
    I hope it will also work with a Linux-computer.
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