FP3+ For sale in Markham Canada

Perfect condition!
Bought it in Dec 2020. Not very technically inclined and find it difficult to manage updating apps with 3 app stores .

It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone in operation with today’s date on the screen.

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Hi @akamaka

Here’s a price critique: Maybe the FP3+ is very expensive in Canada and you will find someone local interested.

$1K CND as of now is 677Euros ???

I doubt you will get $600 CND from someone in the EU or UK as that comes to over 400 Euros which is about the cost new in Europe

Clearly you are not interested. Why bother?

Because we care and would like fair offers on this forum.


You I get but the other guy I think has a bad habit.

@Lidwien actually wanted an actual photo of the phone, not a screenshot.

The reason for that request is to prove that a seller is in possession of a phone he wants to sell. In the past, we had some sellers who actually didn’t possess such a phone and didn’t react after receiving the payment. The current date should prevent that a photo from the Internet is presented.

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Well, I do understand you.

But as I understood it, @amoun meant to point out, that most user on this forum are from Europe. And they hardly won’t be interested, when the price is higher than a new phone.
It might not have been phrased perfectly and you don’ have too heed that advice of course.

Maybe you find someone from Canada or the USA.
All the best!

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I wasn’t even remotely thinking someone in Europe will be interested in a “tested” model :slight_smile:

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