[FP3] Fairphone 3 incredibly laggy when unplugged (/e/OS)

After installing /e/OS on my Fairphone 3 I noticed that it is very laggy when unplugged. Choosing High Performance in the Battery settings only drains the battery more and only helps until the next reboot.

After a few minutes of research I found a similar forum post that said that the latest update fixed it. However this was back in the “Android 9 days” and the issue is there (again?).

Any help or fixes?

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Hi, I have the same problem in my brand new Fairphone 3+ I bought it with eOS preinstalled. The laggy scrolling is very tiring and annoying.

I didn’t have this problem in my old Fairphone3 in which I installed eOS two years ago myself and great help of a Fairphone angel.

I really love Fairphone and eOS, but I really hope there is a way to somehow fix this problem. Thank you.

Just to clarify as the title includes ‘when unplugged’ does this occur only in such situations and seems a software issue.

If that is the case have you contacted the vendor and asked at the e foundation forum

for example

Thank you. The problem is both when the phone is connected and deconnected.
I’ve just contacted the vendor Esolutions. I very much hope they know a way to fix this. As soon as I have a solution I will post it here.

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Hi again, the issue will be fixed with /e/ OS 0.18 (the next version that will come out soon). The team included a custom perf config (or something ??) and the issue is fixed. For reference, see:

(it still seems laggy on the video but thats because of screen recording, which is never smooth)

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