FP3 dropped - slow, partial display

Occasionally the phone is taken out of the case to connect, since that case is not fitting perfectly,
Sadly dropped.
Booting screen looks fine.
Starting… slow, only part of information shows.

My guess: can be any connection, or core module…?
Prolly total loss :frowning: ?

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It sounds like my phone but hopefully for you can be fixed. Try twisting the phone: remove the case, put one hand at the top and one at the bottom. Act like you’re squeezing water out. Try both ways until it works. For me it is just a temporary fix.

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I would first dissamble the phone to ensure all connections are where they should be, before I manipulate by twisting…


How about cleaning the display contacts with alcohol?

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Thanks @polarsv @yvmuell and @Jens1 for your replies. Inspired me :slight_smile:
I removed the camera, then could twist easily…
Didn’t seen any connections, apart from the flat wires, so removed the metal covering over the right side + part of top. Interesting, but nothing to do for me in that part :wink:
Put that back, but bend the 6 connection points a bit up, scratched the corresponding contact points with a screwdriver.

That did help. But when reassembling, after having screwed the screen module back, the display was confetti… releasing/untightening 2 screws (just on good luck) solved it and it now works nicely again.

Having said that: I don’t consider this a reliable solution… :slight_smile:
Cheers - Cor

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