FP3 doesn't charge after water damage


this is common prob, so excuse me re-asking but I couldn’t quite find the answers I was looking for.

So, basically my phone got wet, i took it apart, dried it for the last two days, now my phone works perfectly fine, it just won’t fully charge. I may get +1% in about an hour but the phone just won’t do that pleasing “bzzz” when i plug it in.

How would you recommend me to proceed?
New Buttom Module? New Battery? Or is the damage eventually worse? I do see residue on some contacts. I’ve red about ethanol to clean them. is that a legit step?

thanks in advance!

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You might not have heard yet of Fairphone Angels:

If you are lucky, there is an Angel in your region and s/he might be able to allow you to test your battery and bottom module, and to see if a different module might work better in your FP3.


You can find a rather elaborate explanation on the iFixIT page; including how to clean the board. Yes, alcohol (they say: isopropyl) is legit. The tip to contact an Angel is - of course - a good idea anyways. :wink:


And have a look at the #waterwiki.


thanks for the feedback already! I hope to have some updates tomorrow. I’m lucky to have isopropyl by hand and will look into changing the modules of a friend.


so, my phone gladly works again!

I cleaned the contacts with isopropyl, which worked well.
Exchanged battery and bottom module with a friends phone and could see that the bottom module caused a lack of propper charging.

well, after reassembling the parts and charging for about an hour my phone worked again as flawless as before the incident. I suppose cleaning the electric contacts was the issue (limescale?).

thanks for your advices here!! :slight_smile:


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