FP3 Display freezes! Display noise issue

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disassemble your phone (open backcover, remove battery, unscrew those 13 screws as described in https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Fairphone+3+Teardown/125573 with the little screwdriver that came with the phone and take the screen out.

then look for physical damage. is anything bent or warped or broken physically?

if not, the shock of falling probably just caused some connectors to no longer connect properly. try to clean the contacts, make sure the springs work, then reassemble. with a bit of luck it will work again.


Thanks @corvuscorax, that makes a lot of sense!

Pardon my ignorance, but can you say what might be considered ‘appropriate electronics cleaning materials’? I figure it would be good to make sure I have some, or at least know where to get it so that if and when things go wrong, I can deal with them straight away :slight_smile:

It works again!

Disassambled and then reassambled it after some cleaning - no change. Then I tried the twisting trick from @Audouin_Leo and the pixel error is gone! I’m so happy and thank you all for you help!


“appropriate” depends on who you ask. Personally I’ve been using a clothes for glasses cleaning or a piece of silk (they don’t fluff or lose fibres) - with a little bit of cleaning alcohol on it, then rubbed of the contacts with it.

You want to avoid anything corrosive, and anything that would leave residue. So no acids, no soap, no water, and especially nothing oily (oils and fats are great insulators - including fingerprints - so you certainly don’t want those on the contact metal).

So pure ethanol or some other cleaning solvent (Methanol, Propanol, …) would probably be best.


Hi there,

after I have successfully solved my WIFI-problems thanks to helpful members of this forum (thanks again!) this is the next problem I experience :see_no_evil:

The display is noisy and I cannot reassemble the modules because one of the screws seems to be stripped. I cannot unscrew it without considerable pressure and I really don’t want to try “at all costs” because I don’t want to void the warranty.

I asked the seller to change the phone but he wants me to reset it before I return it. I tried to google a solution but haven’t found anything useful. Does anyone know how to reset the phone without using the display?

BTW I haven’t opened a new topic for this because I thought other people with this specific problem might also want to reset their phones.


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you can use the fastboot bootloader to factory reset the device, but it is still an interactive process (select correct option using volume buttons, confirm with power button) so you’d have to do it blind. unfortunately i cant give you the exact sequence because my phone is unlocked and the bootloader behaves slightly different then. but you could ask fairphone support about how to do that.

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Ciao, mi hanno detto di inviare il telefono a Cordon electronics. Cosa che ho fatto. Mi hanno restituito il telefono senza alcuna nota. Credevo lo avessero cambiato. Poi ho visto che aveva il codice imeii uguale, quindi ho capito che era lo stesso. Speravo che me lo avessero almeno aggiustato. Invece tre giorni fa è tornato lo stesso problema. Probabilmente non avevano fatto nulla, ma è una mia opinione.

This worked for me too. Pfffff. But it will take some time to gain back my trust and proudly tell people I do have a Fairphone…


My english is not good, hope you don’t mind.
The connection between display module and main board by pogo pins.
If your phone had dropped to ground or knocked…etc,
part of pogo pins would have a little gap leads to disconnected between them.

I suggest you unscrew all screws, take off display module, click pogo pin several times to reset it and clean connector, then reinstall display module and phone.

According to information that I got, screen will turn to normal again.
If not, you can asked the seller for repair or otherwise.

Hope you can get best result.


Was the problem already solved?

I disassembled the display module according the instructions posted by sg2world, cleaned the contacts with alcohol (some dark debris seemed to come off), then re-assembled.
Maybe I was lucky, but while the phone before cleaning suffered from a noisy screen daily, it has since been running without problems for more than 2 weeks.


My new Fairphone 3 suddenly had a compleetly colorfully pixelated display. My first instinct was obviously, to turn it off and on again. But turning off was only possible by removing the battery, because no action was possible on the screen anymore. However, after restarting the screen was still the same…
As I have only just bought the device and this issue should probably be on guarantee, I have contacted the support a week ago. I directly recieved an automatic reply, that I should recieve an answer within a day, possibly a little longer. By now it’s been a full week without any answer… And all the while the device is not usable!

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Thank you! Didn’t find this before…

Hi there,
Just wanted to give an update since my last post on 8 Jan. Since the “twisting”, the problem did not happen again. Hope this will last…


I had the same problem this morning, after a light fall of my phone. I disassembled and reassembled, and it works again.
Thanks to everybody !


For @nolarola and several others in the thread, you can also restart the phone by holding the Power button for a long time, 5-15 seconds.

I had the noisy coloured pixels problem once so far directly after a restart then the second time the screen was weirdly pale, third time works normally… Shall monitor it

Hey there.
Just to say I had the same issue with my FP3 yersteday. I just unscrewed the screen ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG6OVPTnrK4 ) then cleaned a bit (bear hands) the connections and reassembled it and now it works perfectly (for 1 day at least)
Thank you all for the good tips up there.


I try the twisted method, and i unscrewed the system.
The first time i twisted, nothing happened.
I try again, the screen stay black…
I try again and then i push a long time on the button to light up the phone and then…

It works !