FP3 DE: WiFi/WLAN lost/verloren Bluetooth on/aktiviert?

it seems that, after the last Fairphone 3 Version Update Android 11 (Security Patch Dec. 2022)
the WiFi connection sometimes will be lost, but just for short time, if Bluetooth connection is on.

Please, have you seen or experienced something like that currently?
Thank you.

Check if the Wi-Fi is using 2.4GHz as that is the same band as Bluetooth. If so disable auto connect to 2.4GHz as that has a longer range and may connect before 5Gh gets an opening.

If you have a suitable router you can set different names for the 2.4 and 5 networks making it easier to select either

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Thank you for your help.

My router has 2 SSIDs already, one for 2,4 GHz and the other for 5 GHz, so since long time ago i can choose easier as you suggest correctly.

Yes, the FP3 is using 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi SSID because it seems more stable as the 5GHz, if Bluetooth is not on, unfortunately. This means, if Bluetooth is on, FP3 WiFi is not stable in both 2,4 and 5 Bands.
I will try to disable WiFi auto connect.

The iPhones, other Apple devices and new windows 10 Notebooks are very stable with the 5GHz and I was expecting the same with FP3 because is a new device from the year 2020 just 3 years old.

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Yes it’s can be bit of a mess having microwaves and bluetooth on 2.4GHz
Not to mention different phone’s setups and capabilities

So if I go out of range I have to manually connect to 5GHz or the 2.4 occasionally

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