FP3 custom rom development based on released source code

Here is a list of gsi available :

I just start to test it.
For the moment the home, history and back button aren’t here, which is quick anoying ^^ Solved

GSM, GPS, cameras, wifi, charging works fine :slight_smile:


Thanks to you, I successfully booted Treble LineageOS on my FP3!
I got the navigation bar by using Magisk module MagiskHidePropsConf and setting prop qemu.hw.mainkeys to 0.


That sounds great.
What has to work for official lineageOS support?

Not all heroes wear capes. You are my heroes.

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first of all needs a capable maintainer :wink:
And GSI is not “standard” LOS…

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I’m really impressed of the acceleration this project just took: soon after TWRP, a “generic” LineageOS is already available :smile: . Project Treble is definitively a good thing, I remember the months of development for the LOS port for FP2…

What do you mean? Is there some features missing in this Generic System Image? Does working on a dedicated port for FP3 is anyway needed?

EDIT: Awesome work, guys :slight_smile:


The GSI contains the full google apps.

Treble is not always making our lifes easier, especialy if you maintain older devices :sweat_smile:
Due the fact I don’t own a GSI-capable device - I’m not very experienced with this. But I know no offical supported device on LOS with GSI-images - but maybe someone knows this better :wink:
But all official LOS-devices have device-tree+kernel


Not all GSI. For example the lineage one I mentioned don’t.

Actually, the gsi have their own maintainer. It is easy to do the update from FP ones for other partitions. We just have to do a patch from the FP one witout system and with a patched boot.
The only thing which can be hard to do is a patch for the vendor implementation. And I’m not sure there is any.

The maintain chain is really different from “standard” custom rom : we still need FP support, and the system is done by the gsi maintainer.


the question was official Lineage-Support - but most people have a weired imagination of “official” support :wink:


As GSI seems to be easier to get it running, anyone tried Bliss-rom already?

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Feel free to try, and let us know! Just follow the same steps :slight_smile:

Edit: GSI for BLISS, is an official image :wink:

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Andy Yan: Sorry but you will not see any more 16 updates from me unless something dramatic happens (e.g. I get gifted another SSD).

We will only have LOS 17 update from Andy Yan’s built .

What do you want to do now?

  • Continue with gsi
    • Use already maintained ROM (e.g. LOS 17)
    • Maintain another one (e.g. LOS 16)
    • We need to do a repo for the patched updates from FP3
      note: Do not forget to set qemu.hw.mainkeys to 0 in the boot props
  • Port a “full” custom ROM (LOS ?)
    • Need a lot of work

I would suggest to take /e/ into account as it allows a FOSS compatibility layer for Google features. It is basically LineageOS - GApps + microG.

Could also make a poll.

Ultimately, it is really up to the community volunteers. The rest got nothing to demand really.


Will do, but i can’t right now. Need my phone and have too much work. Just wanted to check whether somebody already has experience with it. Looks interesting to me. But I don’t have any experience with the implication of GSI images

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Actually Lineage is a Vanilla (AOSP, without Gapps) with a few modifications, so /e/ is LOS + microG. And microG is easy to install on LOS. But /e/ is of course an option. There is a /e/ gsi, but it isn’t maintained too…

The poll is a good idea :slight_smile:


+1 for the poll, so that dev efforts could hopefully be focus on one main ROM (at least for the beginning)

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True, but they lean heavily towards GApps. The microG variant of LOS is not hosted on LineageOS.org; it isn’t an official variant.

/e/ has a vibrant community, and it is the only Android (or well, AOSP) distribution I’m aware of which includes microG. The enthusiasm for /e/ in the Fairphone community (due to FP2 port) was high.

A poll is a way to have every user’s voice count, no matter how good their argument is constructed. Question is, what should be included in such a poll? It is a bit unfair to add entries afterwards.

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First of all, we need to know if we focus on gsi or “full” custom ROM. Then we’ll need to do a repo for the patched updates (and maybe a little apk) or try to port a custom ROM


Right. What are, objectively, the pros and cons of each? I suppose the cons of GSI is that it does includes GApps? (But then the one you currently use does not?)

Honestly, I’m not sure how I can make an informed decision on such a poll.

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