FP3 completely unresponsive

Hi everyone!
Recently, completely out of the blue my fairphone 3 completely stopped responding to anything or doing anything, as in, the screen does not come on, the notification led stays dark and the motor doesnt vibrate. I was not using the phone when it stopped working and had not recently installed any new apps or anything, it just did not unlock or do anything all of a sudden.
I have tried removing the sim card, removing the battery and leaving it out for half an hour or so before putting it back in and letting it charge for another half hour, I’ve tried holding the power button for >10s, or the power button in combination with the volume up and down buttons and nothing produces any response. I have tried several different chargers, including the 30W fairphone charger, which works with any other devices I tested it with. I also know someone with another FP3 and swapped batteries, and my battery worked in their phone, but theirs didn’t in my phone, so it doesn’t seem to be a battery issue.
I have also disassembled the phone, cleaned the contacts and reassembled it but this still did nothing.
I am using /e/os, and I believe the version is 1.6, but I can’t check that for obvious reasons.
I would greatly appreciate any help solving this, as it is quite annoying not being able to use my phone.

Does not sound very good

See e.g. here

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