FP3 compatible headphones/earbuds

Hello. Can anyone recommend earbuds which work with FP3? People seem to have had a number of negative experiences with The Fairphone ones. I found a list from 2016 for FP2-compatible ones but apparently that doesn’t mean they’re compatible with FP3. Many thanks!

For reference:

Thanks for this, Stefan. As mentioned, it seems there’s quite a few instances of earbuds being compatible with FP2 but not FP3.

I use the JBL TUNE 600BTNC and they are working fine with the FP3.
Battery time is far beyond 10h, the sound is awesome, also usable as headset and it is fair priced.
They come with a short charging cable (µUSB) for every USB A charger. So no unneeded charger in the package.

Shure SE 215-CL work fine, too.


The cables might even be interchangeable with those from Fairphone’s own headphones.

There’s also this dialogue about earphones, but you will need to look for hints as to which FP type they have been tried on:

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