FP3 case swap for candy

Hej, I’m swaping this new (17.02.21) FP3 case for your favorite candy. Turns out I’m not a fan of the overall size when the case is on so may it be with you.

Berlin, Germany


That is very generous. I myself have this case in black and I got used to it bulging out of my skinny jeans. Even though you can easily replace a broken screen buying new parts defeats the purpose of sustainability… a little irony of modular design is that you become less vigilant, when if you owned the latest iphone made mostly out of glass you’d know the replacement would cost you half the price of the phone if not more. And still you have to protect it with an ugly rubber case. Humans…

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Hi @mr.ozz,
If your offer is still valid I’d love to take you up on it. I’ve been thinking about getting a cover, but uncertain of whether I’d like it or not, hence the hesitation.
I live in Berlin too (Steglitz), so I could meet you wherever is convenient for you.
It could be best if you decide on the candy though, because I don’t eat candy anymore.
We could also speak German if you’d prefer.
Cheers, Jim

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