FP3+ camera module discontinued?

I bought a bottom module (USB port) and a used board with the power and volume up/down keys for my FP3.

In expecting to trash the display in the first half year, I bought a spare when ordering two FP3 for my partner and me. Bumper saved it. So I still have it as a spare.

Bottom module died, i ordered two as a spare. Also got donated two disfunct FP3 from friends, so i guess the mainboards will die before i run out of spare parts.

@Jens1 and @AxelFFF, I can’t and don’t want to do statistics in this way :slight_smile:
I was really curious about the number and even if my question is maybe wrong, the decision to stop producing spare parts of FP3(+) just motived me to ask.

Anyway, the most important point here in my opinion is that the Fairphone mission is only half-fulfilled. The part of ethical raw material is getting better and better, and just for that, it’s awesome. But the hardware isn’t updatable at all, and all the spare parts, at least for the FP3(+) (we will see for FP4 and FP5) should be definitely still available.

The decision to stop the production of FP3 spare parts which is barely 5 years old is therefore not in line with the Fairphone’s speech which wants us to believe that our phone is a long-life product.


The tricky part is that you must calculate years ahead what you need, no one will produce some further small numbers or costs would be incredibly high…so at the end there was no decision to stop something like an ongoing production.

So yeah not what we as user would like to see, still how this industry works…spare numbers need to be caculated based on some stats years before you might need and then they are produced to “lie around” waiting something maybe breaks


Maybe, but there is no company in the market who does it better.

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Better than who or what? The camera modules for the iPhone 4 (from 2010) are even still available,

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While I do agree the lack of FP3/3+ camera modules is disappointing, the example you pointed does not stand, the camera modules for the Iphone 4 are out of stock as well.

Fixit however does seem to offer camera parts for Iphone 6 (2015) and Iphone 5 (2012?) and there has been a recommendable length of support for those.

You are correct. The modules for the Iphone 5 (from 2012) and many newer models however are not out of stock. That is not the real issuehere. In some replies, I see just too much unjustified fanboyism.

Yes, I did edit my post to cater for those.
Fanboyism? Wikidictionary defines it as blind and agressive devotion.
I don’t see here anything blind or agressive, but definitely a devotion.

It’s definitely a community of people who care about FP values and are willing to go extra mile. Also there is a bit of willingness to believe in the product. Even when some things do not go the way they (we) wished for.


How much does the replacement of an iPhone 4 display cost? Is it possible to do it on your own?

The Sony modules on the Iphone 4 cost €4,99 each (and it seems that IFixit will restock), The modules for the iPhone 5 are €9,95 (rear) and € 19,95 (front). Replacing these modules is doable (see this teardown or this teardown). More important to me, as an owner/user of a much newer FP3+, is that it can’t be done anymore because of the (soon) unavailable camera modules.

But how often do they break? Maybe they are just sold out, because they were used for an -in my opinion- unnecessary update. And now there are hundreds or thousands 12MP modules lying around in drawers.

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For the FP2 there are still camera modules (new life addition) available. So despite to just look for second hand modules lying around, its likely FP might sell such new life addition modules for the FP3 as well.

How much does the replacement of an iPhone 4 display cost? Is it possible to do it on your own?

If the screens are in stock, €14,95. How these screens can be replaced can be seen in this instruction that has been uploaded on 20 january 2011.

PerfectJam I missed that you were going for the numbers/statistics. Just wanted to say that there are people ordering spares even in advance.

Of course spare part availability is much easier for big manufacturers to solve, but I also think that fairphone needs to work harder on the spare parts story. Making it at least possible for others to jump in when fairphone leaves the ship. Or as one pointed out, a workaround would be making it easier to connect second hand demand with people having modules.

As fairphone-3 mainboards started dying the available refurbished/second hand modules might suffice. Anecdotal evidence: I have here 2 good mainboards but 3-4 camera and 3-4 top modules (without buying those as spares) by donations and buying two first hand and one second hand fairphone-3.

As far as i understood @Juan.Bianchi refurbished modules are at least available for repair center customers (not sure about stock amount and how they calculated).


The camera modules are “discontinued*" and "The Fairphone 3 Camera Modules are permanently sold out*.”, They shoulnd’t be. The rest of your post is only speculation.

I know what is sold out and what is available and yes I made a guess what could be avaialable in the future as well for the FP3. The New Life Edition

I think it’s now important that if Fairphone have to develop new model, the spare parts should definitely be compatible with the FP5, then the FP6, etc.

For example, having a FP4, which is quite similar (at least physically, I’m sure there are plenty differences between them) to the FP5, it’s a shame that their own respective spare parts aren’t compatible.

And at the end, it will be easier for Fairphone and the manufacturer to ensure the continuity of spare parts.

I know it’s easy to say/write, but when I watched this video, but I was convinced that Fairphone’s vision is similar to mine/our, I/we want a phone that sends messages, reads articles, and at best, watches videos. No need for a racing phone.
So I am sure that they can make concessions on the design of the Fairphone to ensure interoperability between the different subsystems depending on the versions of the Fairphone, and therefore ultimately, have modules that fit on a whole series from Fairphone, from FP5 to FP10!
That would really be classy and game changing :slight_smile:

I have seen this argument before. Much as I like the sound of it (following Framework’s example), I do not see it as a practical solution. Given of course FP is able to sort out spare parts availability.

Many people when purchasing a phone choose the newest model because they want better and higher parameters - stronger/bigger battery, stronger/sharper camera (even more camera modules), stronger processor. Some would wish for a smaller or at least sleeker phone. I see it as an additional challenge to improve the specs while keeping the shape and connectors identical.

You are right that the perks of repairability are cancelled when spare parts are not available.

But given they are, I do not see any reason to upgrade a fully functional phone. The motherboard currently is not user-swappable after all.

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