FP3+ Camera crashed bluetooth unstable

Hi Everybody,

I have been using the Fairphone 3+ for a couple of months. I’m not quite satisfied.

I can live with it being slow CPU-wise and lacking in RAM, but I have a hard time living with the camera app constantly crashing. Even worse, sometimes the app behaves like it has actually taken the picture, but then - when I go look - no picture nowhere. And when that happens, I have to reboot the phone in order for the camera app to work again. (clearing cache and force stopping app doesn’t help).

Is this normal behavior?

And when it comes to paring with bluetooth earphones the phone from time to time doesn’t play sound through the earphones even though they seem to be connected just fine. When that happens I have to disable bluetooth, re-enable and reconnect.

Is that normal behavior?

Any inputs are much appreciated. I’m mainly trying to find out, whether my phone is faulty or whether it is generally just a bad product when it comes the the above mentioned problems.

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That is certainly not normal behaviour, many here will tell you their FP3 works perfectly well. Although some problems are known by FP and they are working on it, they are not quite the ones you mention. In any case, please #contactsupport to get your problems solved and so that FP are aware of them (though be ready to wait ~ 2 weeks before getting an answer, support is quite busy currently).

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