FP3 Bottom Module (UK)

What product(s) are you looking for?

FP3 bottom module

Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

Essex, UK (could pick up from London if easier)

Other remarks:

My FP3 is no longer charging and needs a replacement bottom module. If anyone could help out that would be massively appreciated. Thanks.

The fact that it isn’t charging doesn’t mean the bottom module is duff. Maybe someone can meet up with you and help check it out.

How long have you have the phone as it has a two year warranty from the date of first purchase?

The usb port on the phone and/or the cable may have debris?

Can you get the battery checked elsewhere?

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

It’s definitely the bottom module that’s the problem. My wife has an FP3 as well, and when I swap out the bottom module in my phone for the bottom module from her phone, my phone charges perfectly.

I don’t think I’ll be covered by the warranty because my bottom module stopped working after I accidentally dropped my FP3 into some mud while gardening and mud got into the charge port. I’m just looking for a bottom module so I can make the repair myself.

[Edit to add: I have tried carefully cleaning out the charge port and using contact cleaner, and it’s still not working, so I’m assuming that my problems are caused by damage to the contacts rather than residual dirt in the charge port]

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