FP3 Battery specs changed?

Does anyone happen to know if the numbers (20190808) at the bottom right on the battery indicate the date of production?

Or does someone know when FP changed the battery capacity? The one on the picture has 3060 mAh, the FP shop specs state 3040mAh and another one I have has 3000 mAh.


Wow :+1: The FP3 battery I received at the end of September 2021 still has just 3000 mAh / 11.55 kWh. 20201117. Model F3AC1.

Original battery that came with my FP3+ in March 2021:
3000 mAh / 11.55 kWh. 20201006. Model F3AC1.


Mine bought on 8th Oct 2020 is 3000MhA Model F3AC1
Dated 20200824

My daughter’s bought on 8th Nov 2020 is same except for date
Dated 20200825


Weird so the capacity seem to have really decreased and the specs are at least misleading if not incorrect. At the end I assume 60mAH more or less will not make a real noticable difference.

I know with some rechargeable AA batteries they state, for example, 1900mAh in one market, and 2000mAh in another market.
The first is the minimum capacity that they must meet or surpass, the second is the “typical” capacity for an average battery that might overstate in some cases, and understate in other cases.
Independent testing verifies that both different “models” have the same statistical distribution of capacities, and are thus from the same manufacturing lines.
I remember this prominently from “eneloop” batteries.

That is a long winded way to say that the FP3 batteries have not necessarily changed, but that the labelling convention has.
The only way to tell is to test a good sample size, but I just wanted to mention the possibility. I do think it is just as likely or more that they have indeed become slightly different. :slight_smile:


Unlike standard AA batteries, i.e. sized the FP batteries are unique. The 60mA diff is likely to be a newer model hence the updated no. From F3AC to F3AC1

Mine, original FP3 bought on 27th August 2019:

3.85V - 3060mAh / 11.781Wh
F3AC 1ICP/39788 20190809


so I think we can conclude, that

  1. the production date is printed at the bottom right of the battery
  2. the labelling changed from
  • 3060mAh/11.78Wh/3.85V/F3AC to
  • 3000mAh/11.55Wh/3.85V/F3AC1
  1. the specs (3040mAh) show the typical capacity on average (actually this is stated “hidden” in the enlarged battery specs information of the FP3+ specs) and did not change

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