FP3 battery seems glued

Hi, strange issue with the FP3 just arrived…
I am at step 3 of the Fairphone 3 Quick Start Guide, trying to take out the battery; unfortunately it seems like the battery is attached to the phone and there is no way to take it out. :disappointed:

Already write to the support… Any others users had this strange issue?


Yeah, you gotta take it out at least once for the SIM or it isn’t a smartphone :wink:

It isn’t glued, but it fits very tight. You see where the arrow is where you need to use your nail? That is where you could use a tool. I used the non-sharp part of my swiss army knife (sharpness equal to this example). Without that, I could not remove the battery (neither could my partner).

I find that using your nail but pushing up so that the contacts ‘retract’ into the housing of the phone give the bottom of the battery enough room to slip out then pull up and out of the phone.

I finally succeeded.
Previous I used spudger, opening tool and opening picks (iFixit tools), today I tried also with suction handle and I got it!

Incredibly hard.


Judging by the image I assume he needs more spinach :laughing:
(Pun was intentionally) :wink:


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