FP3 Battery Life Experiences

Here I want to ask all people already owning a Fairphone 3 about their experiences with battery life.

Maybe you can give some informations incl. stand-by time with/without SIM, level of usage, display brightness and which FP3 you have (12/13 screws, prototype, date of order+receiving), OS, heat development…

Cheers, Robert


Regarding the battery, let me just illustrate: @amber picked up the prototype FP3 in Hamburg on 5 September, didn’t even charge it once until the 11 September Düsseldorf meetup where we demonstrated the FP3, and then handed it over to me. Today I gave it the first charge in a week when there were still 52% remaining. Admittedly, it wasn’t used heavily during that week, but it was tested and demonstrated, and Amber also toyed around with it a bit in between the meetups.

At no point did I notice any significant heating up of the device. However, so far we are/were not able to perform any typicial “heat-up” procedures (like flashing a different OS).

P.S.: I don’t even know if @Ingo (Hamburg) charged it after he picked up the parcel on 4 September.


No, I didn’t charge it (wouldn’t have had a USB C cable anyway)


So today I charged it for the first time in 10 days (10 days ago I charged it before I finalized the shipment to Hamburg).


But I think one has to bear in mind that neither of us set up a Google account on the demo phone. And when I had it, almost no additional apps were installed. Mainly no messengers or other apps I’d assume use notifications or polling.


As I said, it wasn’t used heavily. And my impression is based on comparing it with an FP2 used in the same light use scenario (I have never had a Play Store account).


I own the FP3 since last week.

My experience is that with the FP2 I had to load the phone every evening to be able to start in the next day, often it didn’t last the whole day in a more intensive use.

Currently with the FP3, with my use it lasts at least 2 days. That is a real improvement. Over night it loses about 2% of charge.
I have to mention that I have a google account, I use what’s app and several other apps of the Google Play store.

Hope this helps to make you an idea. Now the autonomy is just fine IMHO




Hi @Mic57 & all,

i would be interested in comparable battery life results. there is one app that can give a benchmark on battery life: pc mark for android. could you run this benchmark and give us an idea on the runtime?
see results from other phones here: pc mark battery results

thanks in advance :blush:


I wanted to try it and downloaded the app. Then in the app I was asked to load more content to be able to use it and I cancelled it.
Sorry. You can surely find some benchmarks online. In the French web for example “Les numériques” tests all smartphones with the test sequence (at least they tell us so)
Hope this helps

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My experience after few weeks: battery life span is amazing!

Using with 4G and Wifi always activated, except at night, more than 5 days of duration! My FP2, after 4.5 years was lasting 1 day without 4G.


What’s your screen on time with 5 days?

About 4.5 hours.

Once again, it is early to really have stats, but I will try to monitor it often.


Amazed with the battery life, had the phone a handful of days now and the battery lasted 2 days before charging it at 25%.

Screen time at ~55% was 4½ hours. WiFi on, data on, vpn connected and using auto-brightness.
I’ve disabled most Google apps; leaving Gmail, drive, photos, phone and store.

Compared to my previous phone this is incredible, it lasted a few hours full to empty.


Not using the phone much (turn off at night, not much actively using, merely some messenger activity and occasional browsing, Wifi always on).

Drained in 2 days: around 25 %, I guess I can last a week like this.
From yesterday to today, 24hrs, 15%.

For comparison: my FP2 was recharged, same usage behaviour, almost every day, sometimes even twice. FP3 is worlds better than that!

Hope this helps!


Can confirm long battery life for FP3. It is usable up to one week if I use mainly the battery saving option. Have no messenger. Also I switched off G***le services as far as possible. Also location is disabled. I am very happy with this situation.


When I use it actively throughout the day, I always have enough battery (I go to bed with around 20-30%).

When I don’t use it actively it won’t go below 50%.

Has never heated up till now.


How long does it take to fully charge the phone when the battery is (almost) empty?

As the FP3 can be charged fast or slow just the mention the time won’t be enough.

On quick charge or via non-quick charge?

I’ll try and run my battery down and test it for you, if you wish :slight_smile:

Also what’s “almost empty”, would you regard that as 5-10%?

Well, ideally someone could provide numbers for both the quick and the non-quick charge mode. As long as the mode is mentioned, too, I’m fine.

And for the “almost empty”… Maybe 15% is a good starting point because IIRC correctly that’s the default value where the automatic battery saving mode kicks in.
But any number is fine as long as it’s mentioned, too. If you usually recharge as soon as the battery level drops below 25% that’s also ok.

It’s not that I want to run some long-time analysis or intend to write a bachelor thesis about it. I’m just interested if charging from “fairly low” to “fairly full” takes for example 1h or 3h.