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Hi there,

I ordered an FP3 mid october 2019 and eventhough my ISP (magenta/t-mobile) indicated it as deliverable within a few days I’m still waiting for it.

Yesterday I once again managed to get through their service line and the lady told me that their supplier fails to deliver them for some unknown reason.

So I just want to ask if anybody else here experienced something similar with magenta or if Fairphone really isn’t able to deliver.

edit: just looked at their online store and there’s no FP3 anymore. They seem to have it replaced with the “FP2 v2” which I’ve never heard of. Looks like there really is some shortcoming on FP3s.

On the website of Fairphone it says delivery 5 to 7 days.
So there must be something else go wrong with your ISP.
If a company fails to deliver it should be possible to get your money back if you paid in advance.
How to proceed I can’t tell because I don’t know what the rules are in Austria regarding this.
Perhaps someone from Austria can tell you more.


Since I ordered the phone as part of the contract renewal this was a bit more complicated but yesterday I managed to withdraw the renewal.

And although the goodies I can choose for another renewal are really tempting, I think I’ll withdraw the contract completely since there are way too many problems with magenta.

I also think that’s the case. Let’s see if I’m the only one…

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Wow! Respect for your patience and good will! :+1:

But that’s Magenta/Timo Beil as we know it and as we love it … :wink:

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Haha… yes. I think most people would rephrase it with less positive words.

But it was similar with my FP2 I got from Magenta. IIRC I had to wait about 3-4 months until they managed to deliver.

Should i feel lucky ?

I just received my 3rd FP3.
The first one’s screen died after 5h (the rest was working ok aka i could see Bluetooth connecting to my phone)
The second lasted 2 months.
And i’m now setting up the 3rd one.
Thankfully, Orange support is great and they swapped the device within 24h.


Good to hear, that support at Orange is working flawless.
Bad to hear, that you already had to use it twice.

Maybe the first batch, that was delivered to and distributed by Orange had some problems. That might as well be an explanation, that the FP3 was available with them, while the FP-homepage postponed delivery a few times.

I really hope for you, that the third phone will last you way longer. :slight_smile:


Oh no. This sounds horrible. I hope I waited long enough to receive a phone without these early-adopter-faults (if that’s the right term). Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky with that strategy on my FP2… it’s got almost every single issue one can imagine and never fails to surprise me by coming up with new ones.

Oh believe me, I’m doing my best and still have to learn a lot… :wink:

Maybe I have a good advice here, try using it as a mobile phone not as a snowboard… :laughing:

…sorry I had to get rid of this… :wink:

Hopefully your third attempt will last for longer. :crossed_fingers:

That strategy was - unfortunately - never meant to work on the FP2, as this phone is “trouble by design”.
As Bas van Abel put it in a techcrunch article:

Fairphone 2 goes beyond the idea of repairability. It’s more a show off phone in that sense. And that also comes with risks.

Not to say, that FP took that risk willingly!
My guess would be, that they tried to achieve the maximum designwise and had to learn the hard way the drawbacks this brought.
From what I read on this forum, they tested the FP3 in this regard before presenting it to the public. That way the display ended up being fixed with 13 screws, though they started with less and added one at a time. :wink:


To be honest, i think the device itself is rock solid and would be ok after a snow ride.
It’s just that strange “Screen stops working” thing which was annoying.
You use your FP3; lock it, get it back some time later, screen never start again. Ever. While you know the FP3 is working as it stills connect to a bluetooth device, vibrate when you press the wrong finger on the sensor…

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How about a trip to Germany?


Anyway that’s not the way it should start with a new device. After owning the device for some time the trust level should increase. But facing troubles from the start one never really can build up trust specifically if it comes to entering/saving personal data which will be (maybe urgently) needed again later at some point.

Good thing you have the customer friendly support by Orange.

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That really is the painful part.
I try to hide and forget my lack of trust.


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