FP3 Android 13: Preferred mobile data option missing

I have taken to using Simple Dialer and Simple Contacts recently, and contrary to the stock dialer and contacts app, these do have a setting to save you SIM-preference on a per-number basis if the ‘Calls preference’ is set to ‘Ask every time’:


This is smart. I’ll have a look at these apps.

The standard for calls & sms can be change in Android, too. But not the data mobile standard. Is this possible too with your apps?

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These apps are only responsible for handling calls and contacts. (Also SMS if you install Simple SMS Messenger as well.) Mobile data remains unaffected.
Note that you need to set the abovementioned app as the default apps for calls and sms (and potentially Caller ID + Spam handling) via ‘Settings > Apps > Default Apps’ to use the full range of their respective functionality.


Ah. Ok. Thank you.
Then my “trick” for mobile data will set the default

I use a German and an Austrian SIM in my FP3 and when I’m in Germany I wish to use my German mobile data plan and in Austria the Austrian one. In previous android versions I was able to actively switch the preference in either settings internet or settings SIM (I can’t remember) but since the upgrade to android 13 I have not found a way to set/change my preference. I can set/change similar preferences for calls and SMS. Could someone help me out?

The same issue has been discussed in the following thread:

It seems this issue only appears immediately after the upgrade due to a corrupt state of the setting. Try disabling mobile data in both SIMs and re-enabling mobile data in tge two SIMs consecutively. That seems to have fixed it for some.

Edit: Don’t get confused by the recursive reference. This post has been moved here from another thread. :wink:


Indeed! I can deactivate the mobile data! The issue has been solved.
Excuse the duplicate post. I guess I had used the wrong keywords during my search.
Thank you, very much!


I tried them. They are brilliant. Already got some from simpleTools. Maybe I use them now, because Google wants to join all in one to “increase my user delightment” or sth like that :roll_eyes: This always sounds like “new package colour” or “new receipt” with food :face_with_peeking_eye::expressionless::rofl:

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Hi all,

I seem to have the same problem and I cannot solve it with the steps mentioned above.

I have two SIM cards, say A and B. I want to use A only for receiving calls and B for the rest (should be standard for calling, internet, and SMS).

However, during the Update my SIM A was the preferred one for Internet. Now the phone decided that SIM A is still preferred for Internet. Switching off internet on SIM A results in no internet: SIM A internet is switched off, SIM is not preferred and does not connect to the internet. After switching internet off and on on SIM B, SIM B is preferred for Internet and everything is fine. However, after rebooting we are back in the old state (i.e. SIM A preferred for Internet). Any ideas?

Switching sim slots does not solve the problem, the same sim card is still preferred.

I have the same problem,
biometric function stopped working and SIM car mobile preferences can’t be changed- both of these very problematic
Is there the possibility of a system update that would enable these functionalities?