FP3+, Android 10: No sound during phone calls


Since yesterday I have no sound during calls. When I receive a call, the phone rings, when I answer a call, the call connects, but it is silent. Neither party can hear anything. When I try to make a call, the call connects without dialing sound, and again neither party can hear each other.

I have tried the following:

  • rebooted the phone
  • emptied the cache of the default dialer app
  • used a different dialer app
  • checked that the carrier services app has all permissions

Since both dialer apps had the same issue, I assume that the problem lies deeper somewhere.

What is the cause of this and how can I fix it? I’ve been using this phone for 10 days and other than that it works fine. Earlier even phone calls worked as they should.

This is quite serious, as it prevents me from using my phone… as phone. :grimacing:

Did you check the microphone and speaker? Do they work with other apps? Can you call via app (like with whatsapp/telegram/etc…)?

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All of this works. Now I was about to submit a support request, so I turned off my phone and took out the battery to look for the IMEI. After I took out the battery I remembered that I should look for the IMEI in the settings. When I turned the phone on again, calls worked again. At least for now.

tldr: Taking out the battery for a few moments while the phone is powered off might solve this issue.


Just restarting is sufficient for me. There’s a long-standing issue for this problem:

Removing batteri didn’t help. Did this during camera module upgrade - problem is still there.

Could you try to switch off the enhanced 4g LTE mode ? It works for some people.

Tried that too… No difference

Enhanced 4G LTE mode has been off the whole time. :confused: Unfortunately the issue is not solved permanently, as it keeps recurring.

We had the same problem and found out that it formerly occured always after the Amazon music app had been started (but remained after deinstalled) or after using the podcast app Antenna Pod. Perhaps you could try to uninstall/block similar apps that use sound?

We blocked Amazon music by the family app and in the meantime for the last two weeks phone calls were no problem. Would be good to get informed when the problem with the Amazon music app had been solved.


I am also having this problem (again) since yesterday. Very annoying when people cannot reach you when you are available.
There were no music apps open when people tried to call me.
Because I do not have the option to turn off 4G LTE, I have also tried to turn off 4G completely because I didn’t have problems when this was turned off to temporally solve the unknown caller problem. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. So 4G settings are not the cause of the problem.

One of the recent updates seems to have solved this. I haven’t restarted my phone for 16 days and can call and receive calls without any problems. :smiley:

I would notify that is not only a microphone issue ; both communication ways are impacted : the interlocutor is not heard either.
(sorry for my bad english)

Looks like the same prroblem as this topic : No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot