FP3 and Ethernet cable


I saw a previous discussion on ethernet cable and FP2, but nothing for the Faiphone 3.
So here it is : is there any ethernet adaptator suitable for the FairPhone 3 ?
As this strongly depends on drivers included in android system and needed by the adapators, It seems safer to ask before buying something.



Just wondering: why would one connect a smartphone via Ethernet?


The hardware is there if someone needs that (Ethernet -> USB-C), the description also mentions Android smartphones.

Because I don’t have unlimited mobile data, and I don’t want to turn wi-fi on each time i need an internet access.

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I can think of a myriad of reasons. For example, the WLAN isn’t secure, or because you want to set up a hotspot (for example because your LTE is down, or because your wired internet connection is down), or because you need lower latency/throughput/lagspikes/packet loss.

For TS, I posted elsewhere that USB-C + USB-A to Ethernet worked for me.