FP3 and bose headphone troubles connecting

I just received wireless headphones (Bose700) and it is impossible to properly connect them with my Fp3. They connect via Bluetooth bit the phones keep re and deconnecting. shortly playing musik, that stop with a loud humming. I found an older yet unsolved discussion of exactly the same phenomenon with the exact same combination of devices.

The phones work fine with the Iphones of my wife and a colleague. Couldnt test another android phone yet. Does ine if you have an idea what to do about this? Would be apitty to have to send the phones back…

Thanks in advance

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You might be affected by a recent software update glitch that has been discussed here:

You might want to follow up there. Perhaps it’s not about a general incompatibility of your new Bose heaphone, but just a temporariy issue that could get fixed in a new Fairphone OS update.

However, if you think your issue is more likely the one you linked to, we can also open up that old topic again.


dear urs, thanks for your reply. opening the older discussion would nice, so I could ask the initiator if/how she solved her problem …

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