FP3 and Android Auto

Hello Folks,

I try this morning to use Android Auto (downloaded with aurora store) on my Corolla 2019 system.

The car does not seen the phone plugged on usb and Android Auto stays on the launch screen, nothing else.

I read there was some limitation with FP2 in Sweden.

I know the AA work in France, I used to use it on my OnePlus 5T.

My FP3+ run unofficial LineageOS 17.1

Did some one have pointer of advice for this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Is it the GSI image with OTA by @fwg-cag? If yes, I don’t think it supports FP3+ yet. So I would first try installing e.g /e/ to test if it works better.
In any case, it’s an unofficial OS, so don’t be too surprised if you have bugs. So I would first consider the bug is on the OS side.

Otherwise did you try another cable? One that allows data transfer?

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Hello @Alex.A,

Yes, It’s the GIS image with OTA by @fwg-cag.

I did not use another cable (it’s the same that I used with my OnePlus 5T). I will check with another. Btw I use the same cable to transfer my music from my computer to the FP3+.

Thanks for your help, I will give a chance to /e/, but I don’t like the « apple » copy interface. I leave the Apple world 5 days ago now… :wink:

Are you talking about the launcher only? Because the launcher can be easily changed, just download another one (e.g Lawnchair) and set it as home app in Settings→ Apps and Notifications→Default Apps.


All I can say is that Android Auto works fine on the official Fairphone 3 image as I used to use it a lot, so my best bet is that, especially it being a Google application, you’re lacking the official Google Play Services and microG isn’t good enough in this case.


Oh ! Thanks @TheLastProject. I will switch back to official Fairphone 3 image.

Thanks for you advice.


All options are open. I juste want to have Android Auto working in dev mode in order to use screen2auto to use OpenStreetMap for my guidance.