FP3 A.0134, Android9 OS update, security patch level June 5, 2020

Unfortunately I get “no results” when searching for “system icons”… My phone is set to English, did you by any chance translate the words into English?

Try “symbols” … but the settings I got were greyed out and could not be changed.

Sorry, I thought this was a generic part of Android … seems specific to LineageOS or /e/ then.

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Don’t worry. It would have been too easy :slight_smile:

I also found a greyed out setting which seemed promising “hide status bar icons”. Too bad we cannot change it…

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Too bad that public unencrypted WiFi is still not connecting at all when in flight mode :((( when will this get addressed? Please fix this at last! thanks.

Write to the support.



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I was wondering what this was. I assume HD and wifi calling are essentially the same thing, just with wifi or mobile data? Or does HD cover both wifi and mobile, to differentiate from SIM cards that can’t VoLTE, which then get the ancient analog phone symbol?

I also looked into the system notifications and it seems you can’t remove it. Googling results in many people with the same frustration across many manufacturers, so this seems like “do no evil” Google torturing us with useless information. (small joke/jibe @ the goog)

According to information on Wikipedia, there are multiple codecs for VoLTE:

When the carrier supports the most effective codec named Voice HD, which is one for VoLTE, the symbol on top shows “HD”.


Can you dump the partitions for FP3 A.0134 and post them here, so we can flash it ourselves?

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I started to have random reboots shortly after installing this patch. Has anyone else have the same problem?

I think phone calls might randomly be being dropped; it’s happened twice in a manner that I’ve never seen before since the update. It says “call ended” as if someone hung up normally.

If you’re having trouble with calls, please check in which mode you are making phonecalls: over 2G/3G (no icon), or one of the icons discussed above in the topic:


Not quite right: You get the “HD” icon when the most efficient codec for VoLTE is used. (Other codecs for VoLTE are supported, too.)

Most radicale approach would be to disable this feature:

Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Enhanced 4G LTE Mode --> off

It’s especially annoying since

  1. I don’t want to see any (static!) text in the section apart from the digits for battery and time.
  2. Visually the gap between “HD” and wifi strenght is smaller than the one to mobile network signal strenght so “HD” doesn’t look like referring to something mobile network related.
  3. It’s indicating something uncriticital I even don’t have any influence on. Time and battery are something I will to react to. I know where my wifi access point is so I can get closer to it. Low mobile signal strenght makes me go outside the building. But “HD” quality is something “nice to have” which won’t cause me to cancel the call when it’s not there. I’ve been totally okay with 3G in the past.

I believe that a vast majority expects such phones to connect with the highest possible wireless technology supported within the respective specification. Looking at such of an almost up-to-date phone, LTE and - if available - VoLTE are supported as default. Therefore, I think it is better to leave it enabled. At least, you can turn it off at any time. (I bet that some other phones do not even allow to turn it off…)

It depends what you use your phone for. I use it for business, and as @DeepSea highlights, for me I’d say it’s more than a nice to have to know what connection I’ve got at any given time… especially if I’m about to join a long conference call, so I often need to switch between connections


Important side observation just made today: (Apparently) Starting wIth this update, manual installation of Fairphone OS on the FP3 now requires the bootloader to be unlocked [might have already been the case with the Vodafone-only A.0124, but who knows]

This was not a requirement with the manual installation of A.0120 and significantly limits the use of manual installation. Example: I have now had two users whose FP3s are somewhat bricked/stuck in Fast Boot Mode (choosing the Recovery Mode or Power Off option there only leads back to Fast Boot Mode) who would want to manually re-install Fairphone OS – but can only do so using the older A.0120 installation package because the newer package on Fairphone’s website requires the bootloader unlocking (which they cannot do that easily given the state of being arrested in Fastboot Mode). So anyone who needs a manual (re-)installation and cannot unlock the bootloader and is on a somewhat current system version can only succeed if s/he accepts data loss – because in many cases, installing A.0120 will be a downgrade to their FP3.

Forgive me if this change was already discussed elsewhere.


Worth a try I guess.


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