FP3+ 3d printed case

I recently purchased a Fairphone, and so far, I am happy with it (even if I just discovered it does not have a FM radio, wich is really too bad…)

I also have a 3d printer, so (as there is nearly no case for FP3 available) I printed Tig3rch3n’s one.
(can be found here)
The holes were a little bit off, and I could not modify his design (or I don’t know how…), so I decided to make one by myself.

So… If you want to try it you can find it here :
Fairphone3+ Case on Thingiverse

I’ll take requests or advices (but only on my spare time :p), as I’d like that we have a good case for FP3 :slight_smile:
(for example, I did not make a hole for “FAIRPHONE” on the back, as that is my preference :slight_smile: )
And, thanks Tig3rch3n for your work and inspiration :slight_smile:


I’m not privy to 3d printing filament details so I had to look it up… you write you made versions in PLA and TPU. I read on 3dinsider.com that Thermo Plastic Polyurethane has rubber like characteristics, while Polylactic Acid is stiffer, but as being bio-degradable, not weather prof (hot sun). So the default “rim protector” included in the packaging ist made of PLA?

You are right about tpu.
Pla is bio degradable under certain circumstances (in industrial composters).
And even if it gets softer in hot temperatures, I don’t think it will melt in your pocket.

I don’t know what rim protector you are talking about… (And I don’t know what it is to be honest… and english isn’t my native language…) But I don’t think an industrial product will be made in PLA.

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Sorry myfault, the rim case is made of TPU obviously (rubber-like), not PLA. It’s called “bumper” I think, it’s in this picture https://shop.fairphone.com/media/catalog/product/0/6/06-bumper-on-off.jpg … like a case without the backside, just the rim/edges

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Ho, ok I see what you are talking about.
But I did not get a rim protector included with my package… too bad :frowning:

Yes, only the FP3 has the bumper included, not the FP3+.


Ahah I feel I really missed something with my récent order of a fairphone.
The fp3 had a bumper included and the fp3+ shipped the New detachable earphones for free one week After i ordered mine…
Too Bad :slight_smile:


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