FP2 & Zimbra/CalDAV Sync

Hi people from the good cause,

I’m happy to say I’m the proud owner of a FP2 since last week and it seems an improvement to my beloved FP1. But I still haven’t figured out how to get my agenda syncing working.

I have an Zimbra account and everything used to work well. So on my new FP, I installed CalDAV Sync and CardDAV Sync to get my contacts and agenda - Business Calendar Pro - apps working. Syncing my contacts is working fine, but my calendar isn’t. I even tried an other app, DAVdroid, but that is having the same problem. I can see my Zimbra agendas in CalDAV Sync/DAVdroid but it’s says “syncing disabled” and I don’t understand how to get it working.

Hope someone can help me out.

For Carddav and Caldav, I’ve been using DAVdroid, from F-Droid.org, for years, first on the FP1, and now on the FP2. Never had any problem. I’ve been using it with DAViCal, Radicale, and now ownCloud.

Dear tYYGH,

Thank you for your mental support but I’m using CalDAV Sync in combination with Zimbra hosted by a third party (Greenhost; MASTERS!). I’m not hosting it myself. I think that makes a difference. And it used to work on my FP1. Maybe it’s just a setting I’m missing.


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