FP2 won't start - frozen white/gray screen


Whenevr I try to tun on my FP2, it vibrates for a moment and then shows a white-grayish screen that looks pretty much like tv white noise. Nothing happens then. The battery can charge, (the LED reacts when I put the charger in and out) but even on full charge the white screen shows up. Other users with similar problems have been asked to boot on recovery mode, but my phone will not react at all if I push the indicated key combination. I’ve also tried taking out the SD and sim cards, as well as leaving the battery out for a while. None of that has worked.

I sent a message to the support team 19 days ago about a different issue and I haven’t had an answer so far. I wrote to them again about how my FP2 now won’t start, but it looks like I might be phoneless for a long time if I have to wait for them to answer. Does the problem sound familiar to any of you? Let me know if you can help.

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Did you try to de-attach and re-attach the screen?

Youtube instruction how to do this:


Your description exactly matches the behavior I face since some days (shortly after upgrading to to 1.3.6, but not sure whether that problem was really caused by that).
Unfortunately I can’t help as since then I have not been able to bring the FP2 back to operation.
I have not disassembled the 2 so far.

I opened a ticket today. When I get feedback I will post it here. Please do so, too.

Hi Culilara!

I have de-attached the screen, cleaned the contacts and then re-attached the screen again as proposed by werner_noebauer. This solved my problem (screen stayed black all time), so you may give it a try, too.


Thanks, Jochen. This is great news! However I’m having a really hard time separating the screen from the rest of the phone after unblocking the two “sliding” pieces in the bottom. It looks like it’s closed really tight and I can’t slide the screen off. If anyone has any tips on how to do it smoothly, I’d love to hear them.

I’m really glad it worked for you. Enjoy your working phone now! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, but I’m having a really hard time to slide the screen off (step 4 in the video). It looks like it’s been closed really tight. Any suggestions on how to go about this step? Thanks a million!

A lot of additional hints to slide the screen off can be found in

I tried several methods and the screen finally broke free when I did this. Applying extra strength with my knee really made a difference. My phone is working again now. I with there was a way to cancel support requests. Thanks, everyone!

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I believe you can log in to support, show your active requests and mark them as solved or similar.

Hi @Culilara,

you are lucky that you could finally de-attach and re-attach your screen without a damage. Your mentioned link to the “technique” is, in my optionion, NOT a recommened one. Using other things except your hands could cause serious damage.

As @paulakreuzer said, it should be possible to mark your issue as solved. The support will be happy to deal with one ticket less :wink:

Kind regards

@Culilara: I’m curious, did you loosen the screen with a (more or less) sharp object before taking it off with the hand pressure method I described? And if so, what object did you use?

@werner_noebauer: I would not remove this part from the explanation of the technique, since it is not yet certain whether this step is needed to remove screen when it is really (inconceivably!) strongly attached to the body. Sure a knife is only an option for those who are both very careful and have very fine motor skills. But not everyone has a guitar lying around (and therefore no pick). What we could agree on is a screwdriver…

Hi @Hamm325,

as I said you are lucky that the technique worked with your phone and it is great that you shared it.
To share know-how is the main issue of this forum.

But I think it is also important to mention the risk of using sharp objects. That was the reason why @Lidwien added a warning note to your post.

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