FP2 Wont Boot After OS Downgrade

After a manual OS install of Android 7 (19:11:2) my FP2 now won’t boot. The screen shows the “Fairphone change is in your hands logo” alternating between a black and blue background. The processor gets very hot and the changing logo continues for approximately 1 hour until the battery is empty, even when connected to a charger. Any suggestions?

Did you perform a factory reset before you did the downgrade? If not can you reboot to recover by shutting down (take out battery) and then press power together with Vol up. You will see the green droid, press power plus volup again (sometimes I needs to do this more than once). You will see very small letters. First what is shown as Android Version? With Vol up/down you can navigate in the menu, select factory reset and confirm with power. Probably you need to do the manual installation again


Or long press (>15s) power button and vol-up (for recovery mode).

I don’t think that this will be necessary.


yvmuell, thanks very much, your solution worked perfectly, you’re a genius.

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