FP2 with two sim cards of two different countries, all works except mobile internet

Hello all,

few weeks ago I bought for first time FP, it is the FP2.
I am using one sim card from France, and one from Germany.
the French card is only to be available for sms and calls (in the settings mobile internet is off), the German I want to use for calls, sms and internet.
Wifi works but mobile internet doesn’t even after resetting the device.
both cards were used before in other phones and worked (phone, sms, internet).

does anyone has or had similar issues and can provide some advice?

Many thanks

Try exchanging SIM card slots with each other. Maybe then it works out as expected. Don’t forget to update mobile internet on/off settings and switch 2G/3G/4G in SIM card settings.

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Thanks for quick reply, I already did it but still have the issue that mobile internet is not working

If you’re sure that the SIM on which you want to activate mobile data has a 3G or 4G connection (only one SIM will have >2G speed when two SIMs are present), then the next thing to check is whether the APN settings are set up correctly. Most operators have those settings on their website, along with instructions on how to set them. Alternatively they may offer a service to receive settings via SMS (which Android normally will then install for you).

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Hello Johannes,

I checked with another sim card and it was still not working. then I put back the initial sim and activated data roaming and now it’s working. Now even with inactive roaming mobile internet is working and I do hope it will continue…

anyhow, thanks for the immediate feedbacks!!!

Hello all,

unfortunately the issue seems not being fixed. the connection last few seconds and comparing to before, now each time i restart the phone I have a connection but just for few seconds (< 1 Min.).

Any further ideas?

How are judging that you have a connection? Icon in the statusbar, or actual data being received?

The more general common reasons for a mobile data connection to drop, or appear to not work:

  • Wifi made connection with an access point (even if there is no internet access via that point).
  • Configuration / account problem with the operator.
  • Data transfer works, but only if the app is open: background data has been restricted in Android settings.
  • 3G/4G icon shows briefly, but no data: Login to network probably failed, check APN settings.

Make sure the APN is set or reset correctly. Also some local nets might or might not roaming.

One thing that I didn’t understand in the beginning, is that you have to set a preferred SIM for data (the same place you can set it for SMS/calls). So every time you want switch between SIM cards, you also need to change the preferred SIM for mobile data:

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