FP2 with reboot/bootloop issues


I’d like to sell my FP2 to somebody who might be able to fix it.

I just installed the latest Fairphone OS on a phone that was frequently rebooting / bootlooping when Lineage or Lineage with MicroG was installed. I couldn’t fix this.

The back cover has a small crack, other than that it is mostly in good used condition. The disply looks good but might have one little blue pixel.

What about 40€ incl. shipping to Germany?

I’ll add a photo later, though just from the start screen, because I’d rather not start setting it up, after flashing it.

If you want me to provide a photo with time and date, the phone won’t be factory reset anymore…

I think you can use a SIM which will enable a basic setup, no Google, Aeroplane mode etc.

This will show the date. You can remove the SIM and that should be fine, but you can also do another factory reset after showing the date.

The next owner can also do a factory reset :slight_smile:

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