FP2 with Lineage 18.1. /w MicroG Crashes


after installing Lineage 18.1 with MicroG at some point my phone was crashing all the time, oftentimes being stuck in bootloops.

I used the lineage recovery to try from anew, after which it functioned better especially, I think, as I turned off any running in the background options for certain apps.

Then however the problem returned. Not exactly as bad, but quite so. Without having a real reason I since use the phone with both SIM cards detached, and more or less it looks to cope much better. The downside of it being, that I can’t do phonecalls or use mobile data anymore.

I wanted to ask if this sounds familiar anyone and if anybody knows the reason or how to fix it-
Is the FP2 just too old for 18.1?


Recently I switched off some background messages which seems to also have helped. Currently the phone seems to be a bit less prone to crash. However I only use it occasionally.

Isn’t there anybody with similar experiences with FP2 and Lineage 18.1 with MicroG? I talked to a friend lately who had very much the same problems.

I’m wondering whether this will improve with a new update of 18.1.
That said I think I saw Lineage 19. Could it possibly have less problems like this even if it’s newer and the phone grows older with each new version?

I’ve installed LineageOS for microG 18.1 for not quite two weeks on my FP2 now and have no problems at all.

You used the official LineageOS installation guide?


I’m not sure, but this time I think I applied the update through the recovery. Whereas when I first installed lineage I did it with adb sideload.

Do you think this can cause the problems?

As the phone is unusable now, I might try this with 19.1.

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