🇬🇧 🇳🇱 FP2 with broken microphone, what now?

Hi there. It is al a long time my FP2 is out of use of the microphone. One part of the bottom module. I bought the fairphone because of the possibility to change parts when broken. A pity that’s not always possible. The sparepart that has been manifactured by someone isn’t fitting in the phone a presume, so an other backpart is needed. Which is very unprofessional made.
I use the phone now with an microphone on a thread with earplugs. You cane just plug it in. It will do for a time. I have to save for a new phone.

I’ve suggested this be moved ~ maybe to Microphone dead on FP2

Keep an eye on the Market and Offer categories. There are often old phones or spare parts for sale.

Also, get in touch with your local #fairphoneangel who might be able to help you out!


I don’t know how handy you are with a soldering iron, but it may be worth giving this a shot:

If that’s not something you want to try, I’m hoping to be able to offer some repaired bottom modules soon, for the price of shipping.


Perhaps discuss this directly with him to see why and what is not working?
Topic here:

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Ich reihe mich auch als Käuferin für ein bottom module.
Vielen Dank!

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@ale6 hier gibt es aber keins zu kaufen, also wenn Du Dich hier einreihst, wirst du lange warten müssen und vermutlich auch vergebens :wink:

Oha! Ich hatte das so verstanden, dass einige diese module suchen… und vielleicht auch kaufen wollen.
Habe ich das nicht richtig kapiert?

I am disappointed by Fairphone for not able to repair my phone. I thought it was the purpose of Fairphone to reduce waste. Now I cant use my phone anymore. So I have to buy a new phone. But I hope it will go better with Fairphone. It is a good concept, only not that what you expect for service.


In your first post you say you can use it

So how old is the phone and what have you tried to repair it, DIY or any other help?

I have my phone 5 years I think.
Searched on the site for a solution, but was directed to this forum. There was no solution. Yes, I could order at someone but never heard of him back. And the difficulty to do everything in the English language is not easy too. I thought it is a Dutch company. Why everything in a foraign language, not so clientfriendly.

You can start a new topic in any language and add a flag to the title so those fluent can respond


What means: “so those fluent can respond”?

Those who can understand the language you can answer

Bedankt Amoun,

For the ones who speak Dutch:

Ja het is veel gemakkelijker en duidelijker als je in je eigen taal kunt converseren.
Vooral als er technische details besproken worden.
Fairphone heeft wel een fair phone, Eerlijke Telefoon, maar de kwaliteit heeft wel te wensen over helaas.
Maar dat geeft niet. alles moet men leren. Fairphone heeft natuurlijk niet zo’n fabriek achter zich en heel veel kapitaal.
Maar toch wil ik wel opnieuw een Fairphone.

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