FP2 WiFi notification problem

I own a fairphone 2 since one month.
In every wifi I connect to I get the message “connected, no internet”. But the internet connection is working. Only the notification seems to be wrong. Any idea what’s going on?

here a screenshot

For many public WiFi networks in Germany you still have to login/ register/ accept terms or similar first even if you can use them free of charge.
To get onboard, just try to open up a page in your browser, the start page of the respective network should then be displayed instead and give you directions on how to proceed.

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Do you have some Firewall app installed?


Basically the Phone tries to reach some service on the internet. For Google-enabled devices this will be a Google service. If it cannot reach it, it will display an exclamation mark on the Wifi icon and write “no Internet” to the status message.


thanks for your answers. The problem is on my private wifi too.
And yes, i use the firewall AFwall+ and after deactivating it, the exclamation mark disappears. So it seems that the connection to that service is blocked. I see if I find the right calibration.

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ok, now i now some more about that topic :slight_smile:
as @Amber wrote, Android tries to reach a google server to check if internet is working. I don’t like that so i disabled it.
You can do that with a terminal emulatur and “su” for superuser:



well, if you turn off captive portal detection you have to find other means to detect a portal. E.g. you could open a browser and enter some arbitrary address. If you’re caught in a portal, you will be redirected to it. If you don’t do this, you will run into issues making your apps work and the like.

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@Friek Do you know which app you had to exclude from the Firewall?

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I allowed the following apps in the Firewall (translated from German):

  • (NTP) Internet Time server (Zeitserver)
  • Trebuchet
  • Download Manager
  • Android Setup Manager (Einrichtungsassistent)

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