FP2 water damage

If the phone was dead when taken out of the water, there is unfortunately also a good chance you had a short circuit (particularly if it was salt water) or some part broke already.
Anyhow, good luck, maybe it will still work later, as some posters experienced.
On case you have access to a second phone you could also try to replace the different modules one after the other to see if only one module broke.

I also had a water-related incident recently… My water bottle leaked in my bag on the way to a dance class. Unfortunately the bag held the water really well so the phone was probably sat in an inch of water for maybe 5-10 minutes :anguished: When I got it out the screen was off, but the torch was on, and I was unable to turn the phone/torch off, only by removing the battery. I took the back off the phone and battery out immediately and dried as best I could, then put in rice when I got home (wish I’d seen this first, although I only have one tiny sachet of silica at home!). I left it in the rice for a couple of days, and when I tried again the torch was still stuck on and the phone wouldn’t start up. The red dots on the back panel had bled so I guess the connections are messed up… Recently the side of the case, where the volume button is had warped and split, so I water got in quite easily. Really wish I hadn’t put off replacing the back case now!

There are a lot of useful things in this thread, so thank you to all who have contributed! There are definitely things to try before I give up, or send for repair. However I have never taken the phone apart fully before, so not sure how to do it. Is there a video anywhere that someone could share the link for? I have looked but unsuccessfully so far.

Thank you


Hey @Selkie_Emily I just wrote a guide for situations like this in the hope that more people will read the relevant information in time.
You can find it if you click on #waterwiki. Please check out the “Check for damage” paragraph.

Oh and for taking the phone apart check out our #disassemble guide.


Fantastic, thank you Paul!


I’m interested to know how things progressed with your Fairphone. I’m experiencing similar issues. My phone got wet from a leaky water bottle and now it won’t turn on. I had it chemically cleaned a few hours after it got wet.

When I plug it in to charge I just get the constant red light and it doesn’t heat up so I’m guessing it’s not charging. I’ve ordered a new battery, but am imagining I might have a similar problem to you.

Would be very grateful to hear what was done.

I moved your post here as this topic better describes your issue. Please check out the #waterwiki for some tips.


sorry for taking so long.
Eventually I had to send bring my phone back to the seller and they sent
it to Fairphone.
I don’t know what the problem was actually.

Sorry not to be of more help…

No worries, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been in touch with Fairphone and it looks like I’ll be sending it in too, hope it won’t cost a fortune!

Hello everyone !
Fionauuood, have you got your fairphone back by now ?

I had the same problem (water fall, phone won’t switch on, red light when on charge) but the Fairphone support is busy and I can’t send them my phone.

Do you now what was the problem ? Or what piece need to be replaced ?

Hi all!
In november last year I also dropped my FP2 in water. The phone didn’t work anymore. I put it in rice too, though I wish I haven’t. So after reading this, I took it out again, and let it dry, out of the sun, in the sun. But nothing helped, every time I put my phone on the charger the red light would turn on and off all the time, as if there was short circuit.
So I waited and waited, just letting it dry to the air, and sometimes trying to put it on again. And suddenly it was charging today, and I put the phone on again and it’s working perfectly! I’m sooo happy!

I wanted to share the success, to tell all the people with wet FP2 there’s hope! And because of the stories shared here, I’ve been able to be patient, and I got rewarded :slight_smile:


I accidentally dropped my FP2 in the water and everything seems to be working except for one thing. I can’t hear anything during a call unless I turn on the speaker. If the speaker is on I can hear the other person normally. So, my question is what spare parts would you recommend me to replace if the speaker doesn’t start working? Only the latter or maybe anything else?

The checkup app should give you further clues about this. You can find it in the settings under Maintainence. (@others please correct me if I’m wrong - I’m still on FP1. :grin:)

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Hey there,
I just had the same problem, the phone felt into a toilet (I’m glad a clean one). I didn’t have the reflex to turn it off, so it shut down approximately 2 h later by itself. I took the battery, Sim and SD out and took the display off and there was a little bit of a red liquid and on the one module that you can’t take off, behind the belowest left little mettalic hook, it is colored red now. Is this an electrical breakdown? I don’t have the right screw driver so I will let the phone dry for a few days in the dryest place we got (travelling with a van at the moment).
If you have any other kind of suggestions, I’m happy to hear them!
I didn’t read anything about te fact that this damage is covered or that there is the possibility of a new module, hopefully there is an option that I can avoid to buy a completely new phone.
Thank you very much!

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Feel free to read some advice #waterdamage.

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