FP2 Wanted in NY

Hello FairPhone Community:

I am posting to purchase my first FairPhone!

  • Fairphone2
  • Fair condition or better
  • I am located in upstate NY and am willing to pay shipping


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Hi there, if you’re willing to wait, I’m going to the US at the end of the month and will be in NY in early September. I can bring my phone with me and save you customs and postage etc.

I have a blue slimcase Fairphone 2, one of the first ones. I can send photos if you’re interested. I’m thinking of selling it for maybe $250. I’m downgrading to a feature phone, a Nokia!

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Hi Wei-jin,

$250 sounds like a fair price for a fully functioning FP2. I’m definitely interested in seeing some pictures! What condition would you say it’s in? Is everything in working condition?

I’m willing to wait for the meetup; but I’ll be moving to Arizona to start a new job some time in September. My start date is schedule to be Tuesday, 9/4, but that might be delayed if I continue to have difficulty finding housing nearby. Also, my parents and I live in Saratoga Springs, NY (~3 hours north of NYC). So, meeting up may or may not work out depending on our schedules. I guess if the meetup doesn’t work out you could send the FP2 to my new address in AZ while you’re in the US?


I recommend you two get in touch through the forum’s own mailing system. Wei-Jin should be able to initiate such a (private) message. :slight_smile: Good luck with the deal :+1:

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