FP2 Voice Quality

I’m finding the received voice quality of my FP2 a bit unclear. I’m sure most people won’t have any complaint; but I have high frequency hearing loss, so I can’t always hear what people are saying to me

My old mobile (a motorola defy) and my wife’s Sony have options to set the voice quality to different levels (normal, bright, ultra-clear etc) and the brighter of those settings are OK.

I can’t find any similar settings on the FP2. The music player has a full EQ widget, but there is no equivalent for receiving calls. I can’t even find any apps that boost high frequencies in voice mode.

Anyone know of a fix …

I received my new FP2 one week ago.
I can live with the different known issues (already reported on this forum btw.) but the one that’s frustrating me the most is the poor quality of phone conversations.
The sound quality is so bad (unclear, noisy…) it is sometimes hard to understand the other party.
My wife also complains about echoes when calling me.
I must add this problem is not present when using the Bluetooth link in my car. Conversations are crystal clear then.
So is it hardware or software defect?
I can still return the phone within 7 days and right now I’m unsure what to do…
After all, this is a phone and the first thing I expect it to do right is precisely work perfectly as a simple phone!

It could just be a bad connection (wiring), so try and disassemble the phone and put it back together again.