FP2 very slow after last update

Hi there,

After having installed OS21.03.05.0-rel2 my FP2 got very slow (like 10 seconds to open camera, Spotify crashing every 3 minutes, messages loading 10-15 seconds, keyboard reactivity low). Still works fine, but the speed is sometimes annoying. I am thinking about unintalling the last upgrade, because before it it was just perfect. What are your thoughts?

Two thoughts:

  • How much time has passed since you installed that update? Did you try if a reboot improves performance (if only temporarily)?
  • How much of your FP2’s internal storage space is used? (see Settings > Storage, perhaps upload a screenshot of that here – you can create one by holding power and volume down simultaneously)

You might also try to clear media data and cache at
Settings > Apps > (three dots top right) Show System Apps > Media Storage > Storage > Clear Data


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