FP2 USB connection mode dialog disapperas (trying to root phone)

I want to root my FP2 and the phone does not show up when I send the command “adb devices” or “fastboot devices”.

I’ve rooted some cellphones before (Moto G, S5mini), so I’m not a total noob in this area :slight_smile:
I even encountered similar issues with the other cellphones, usually it was something with the USB connection mode set wrong. And here comes the issue: I can’t change the USB connection mode in my FP2.

Developer options dialog is released and USB debugging is enabled. I run Fedora 23 64 bit on my laptop and latest Android studio is installed. The FP2’s OS is version 1.4.2.

When I connect the phone to my laptop, the pop-up with the little devils face on a stick (if I recognize that correctly) shows up in the top bar, and disappears after a few seconds. This happens every time I unplug and reconnect the USB cable. Even if I’m quick enough to swipe down and open the system message, I’m to slow to check or uncheck any boxes to change the USB connection mode.

If USB debugging in developer options is disabled and I connect the phone to my computer, the phone starts to charge but nothing else happens. There is no pop-up asking me what USB connection mode I want to use. If I swipe down, the system message for the USB connection mode options is there (strange, because usually it comes with the pop-up, right?). If I klick on it, the dialog opens for a few seconds, then disappears. This happens so fast, I’m not able to check or uncheck any options there.

In both cases I’ve noticed, that the phone is getting hot in the upper half of the backside.

When I go to t settings -> storage the option to change the USB connection mode is grey, so I can’t do anything here, too.

Is there anyone encountering the same troubles or is this completely new? Am I doing anything wrong? As far as I know, this is the common method to connect an Android cellphone to a laptop/pc. With my other cellphones this works fine.

Try other usb-cables.

The cable was not the problem. I tried several cables, same issue with all of them. I turns out that I needed to fully charge the battery O.o
After that, everything works fine. This phone is really weird…

Nevertheless, rooting was successful :slight_smile:

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