FP2 TWRP Download?

I can’t seem to find TWRP for Fairphone 2 anywhere. The Download links provided on https://twrp.me/devices/fairphone2.html have been giving me “404 Not Found nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)” for days now. Is there another secure source?

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You’re right, there seems to be something wrong … but this one from my browser history still works …



Not sure where you found that; correct site (with working links) is https://twrp.me/fairphone/fairphone2.html.


Must have been from before a change on the twrp.me site, I have exactly that link in my browser history, too … and the problem is not with this link, but with the links that are given there to the download pages, as they changed fp2 to FP2.

Old EU link giving 404: https://eu.dl.twrp.me/fp2
New EU link working: https://eu.dl.twrp.me/FP2


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