FP2 turns off and on, and doesn't charge

Dear Fairphoners,

since a couple of weeks, my FP2 randomly turns off and on again, often a few times a day even if iI don’t do anything with it at that right moment. Additionally, two days ago it did not charge (no matter which charger and plug I used). So I took out the battery for a while, and when I placed it back, it charged again (fully). However the day after it turned off and on again for a couple of times, until it eventually “died”. Now when I charge it, the red light goes on and off for around five minutes, then it turns on (it vibrates and the black “Fairphone” screen comes on), and then it turns off again for five minutes and repeats the process.

I would be very thankful for help!!!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi, can you find any help in here: FP2 Won't turn on or charge - See first post for troubleshooting

Faced the same problem yesterday/today (FP2 Won't turn on or charge - See first post for troubleshooting). Phone run out of battery and shut down but it did not charge. I experienced the same rebooting loop as you do.

I had to charge the battery with an external charger. Now it works fine again. In contrast to you I did not face any problems with random shut downs before. I hand only some problems with my first slim case, as buttons got sucked.

Hope the external charger will also help you.

I have exactly the same problem. Since KatYes said an external charge was needed i ordered a new battery. However, this didnt do the job, and the phone is still not charging and rebooting with the new battery. When i let it rest for a while and then try to start it it sometimes says that it is optimizing apps, but it never gets through all of them… Hope it can be fixed!

Here’s how to most promisingly contact Fairphone support.

What did you already try of the hints given here?

I have the exact same problem, does anybody have a solution ?

Now I’m getting frustrated. Reading all those info from the forum, before Xmas mine also went down. I ordered a brand new battery. Now put in this battery looking forward having my FP2 working again.

==> NOPE Still loading and flashing red LED and sometimes comes up and then goes down again.
What I can feel is, the back cover is getting very warm (warmer than usual) especially in the area of the rear cam.

Nevertheless, again getting frustrated about this. Because when it will not work it means, again several days without until next year. This sucks really.

Maybe an external charger might serve as temporary workaround:

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