FP2 turns itself off - not reboots

Hi there FP2 community,
I emailed support on Thursday 25th February about this problem with my new phone but am still waiting on a reply, so I might as well email the community and see if any of you could shed some light on it. Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated as my exact problem doesn’t seem to be here in the forum. Here is the email I sent to support:

Good morning Fairphone support,

I’ve been having problems with my FP2, which I received Wednesday 17th Feb and started to use Thursday 18th.
The problems that I have been having are: the phone constantly turns itself off without warning (not the reboot problem like a lot of people seem to be having), when I charge the phone I get a strange screen that shows what the inside of the phone looks like with an image of a blue battery filling up on top of that, and the Skype app wouldn’t work (when I signed in it just kept exiting the app; returning me to the main FP menu screen. Other minor problems are that the notification LED light is on constantly when the phone is on (sometimes blinking slowly, other times solid), and that the only colour it displays is red (apart from white very briefly today, which I will mention in more detail below).
The phone was fine for the first 48 hours or so, except for the Skype app. Then it started to switch itself off, at first only once every hour or more (it lasted the whole night from Sunday – Monday morning) and then in clusters, occasionally as many as three or four times in a row, with me unsuccessfully trying to turn it on by holding the power/lock button down.
I have tried: 1. taking the battery out and putting it back in again,
2. A factory reset, in case any apps had caused the problem
3. Taking out the sim card (currently it has no sim inside)
4. Connecting it to the electricity supply with no battery inside and afterwards with the battery.

When I tried the last solution, the fairphone’s bootup screen (the FP logo on a black background) started flashing rhythmically and vibrating and it would not respond to the power button being pressed. When I put the battery back in, I got the strange image of the phone’s entrails again.
I also tried taking the battery out and connecting it to the mains one more time, the only difference being that the notification light was white instead of red.
The first charger I used on it was my Nokia smartphone charger (I later realised it was 5V and 750mA, not quite what is recommended) but the problems started after I used my boyfriend’s charger (admittedly I didn’t even think to check it, as I always used it and the Nokia charger indiscriminately for my Lumia 520). The test I mentioned in point 4 above was done with a data cable with a USB-wall adapter with the correct FP specifications.



N.B. Since sending the above email, I had the phone switched off for a week or so with no sim inside, then switched on with no sim inside for another week (it turned itself off once or twice). Then I put a new pay-as-you-go sim card inside and since then it hasn’t turned itself off (though I’ve been using it very little as the sim is not my main number), except the other day when I charged the battery to 100% and it turned off immediately when I unhooked it from the charger. A few days prior to that I had charged it to about 83% and it didn’t turn itself off.

When the phone is switched off and charging, we get this animation to see that it’s really charging. Don’t you like it? I really think it’s beautiful :slight_smile:[quote=“Rosamund, post:1, topic:15730”]
the Skype app wouldn’t work (when I signed in it just kept exiting the app; returning me to the main FP menu screen.
On my FP2, Skype is working fine. Did you already try this workaround: Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at: Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

The fact, that the only colour the LED displays (when the FP2 is switched on) is red, is a known bug that will be fixed with the next update. I guess that you have unread notifications (messages etc.), when it’s constantly on. So you should close these notifications in the notification bar, if you don’t like it or change the notification settings of your apps.

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