FP2 trashy? πŸ‡³πŸ‡± πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Ten eerste vind ik het belachelijk dat er aan de telefoon geen Nederlands sprekende mensen zijn, terwijl FP in eerste instantie een Nederlands bedrijf is.
Secondly: I keep having problems with my FP2. I am a FP user since the first edition of the FP1 and I like the concept and really want to give it a chance. But: I bought a new one on the 4th of July this year. Since then it needed a new camera module and already 2 [two!] repairs. In sept 2019 it needed a new motherboard because the phone had died. Now it is making hiccups (it is impossible to activate it, it goes repeatedly on and off) and it has to be shipped again!! I don’t call that a new phone anymore, it is a patched up one! My questions about me not being able to save my data remained unanswered. The FP2 (I tried several) does not charge via laptop and is not recognized. My suggestion about changing this patched up one for a FP3 was laughed at.
3d. The forum is piling up with problems with the camera and other issues, but FP is not responding.
4th. A well-know environmental organization in my region (Zeeuwse Milieufederatie) ordered for the whole staff many FP2’s, but were forced to return them. They were soooo disappointed!
Hopefully the phone is working fine when it is returned. I really want to give it another chance, but I fear I’ll be forced to buy a much cheaper, but more reliable one.

Since most of your post is in English, I modified the title to English but did add the two languages it contains in the title.

Me and my wife habe both a FP2 and it runs stabile and reliable. In my wifes phone from 2016 wie had to change the bottommodul once and we updatet the camera. So I think you had bad luck and that you should not give up on the FP2. :wink:
I keep my fingers crossed for you!

FP2 was not really reliable. A lot of people had a lot of issues with it. I had to make a lot of replacements: three times under warranty for the core module, two screens, two bottom modules, one camera and a top module, plus the cases (old ones splitting, new transparent one cracking) and the too small battery (I’ve bought 2 extra ones), all of them under warranty, plus another bottom module out of warranty.

However the FP3 that I got at launch seems to be much more reliable. So far so good for me, no major trouble except small bugs from time to time.


I have to say, both of my fp2 have never had any real issues except faint bright spots on the display. I had decided to live with it and it fortunately didn’t get worse over the time.
But I tend to use my gadgets very carefully and my trusty old Ericsson T39m (now sitting in its dock in my cabinet) was the last phone I wore in my trousers pockets.


In het Nederlands noem ik een β€˜nieuwe’ telefoon (gekocht juli 2018) die al 2x voor reparatie opgestuurd is Γ©n een nieuwe camera module heeft, geen nieuwe telefoon meer, maar een opgelapte. Ongeacht of het onder de garantie viel of niet. Ik heb geen 500 euro betaald voor een telefoon die in een halfjaar tijd twee keer opgelapt moet worden. FP: had hem omgeruild i.p.v. iedere keer te laten repareren!

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