FP2 transfering data from pc

Hey peeps,

first of all I would like to say that I had many problems with this phone and I would like to tell to anyone who is considering to buy it, that it is a stupid fucking idea. I wish I hadn’t bought it, even though I usually care a lot about fairness in products. In this case however I feel screwed, because I spent a ton of money on a phone, that has a lot of defects all the time. That is not really fair towards the costomer!

However that’s only a side note. My main question is about transfering data from my PC to FP2. I connected my FP2 via USB and can see and click on the data that is on my phone, but I can’t transfer anything to my PC and vice versa. When I try to drag and drop something, there is a little red sign indicating that it doesn’t work.

I hope for help,
best regards

Hi wayne

When I got my FP2 I spent most of time learning about data transfer with memory sticks.
Your request is different, because maybe with windows there is a monster of operating system instead of a tiny stick.
Unfortunately I am using Linux , so I try my best here

Have you installed original Googles Android USB driver for Windows:

Have you checked FP2 (main) Settings-Menu/storage, 3-vertical dots upper right with entry “USB computer connection” : Use last entry “Mount” for presenting FP2 SD card (all the rest of config should be done on PC side)
Use 1st entry (default!) MTP for using other Windows Driver software for better data PC transfer, e.g.

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