FP2 touch screen not working

My FP2 was working fine, and today touch screen suddenly doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried a lot of things to fix it but nothing works. Also a strange pattern appear on the screen.

Any suggestion?

What did you try?

Did you dis- and reassemble the screen and clean the connectors?

Yes! dis and reassemble, clean connectors, remove battery for some hours… What else should I try?

Only 3 replies? I hope yours now works! My FP2 screen has also just locked after a fresh charge. I’m hoping I can find the ‘remove screen and clean the connections’ instructions somewhere - with a bit more chat traffic too.

This is a community forum, if you have expectations about Fairphone answering your request you should contact them directly.

There’s a good tutorial on iFixit, as indicated on this support page but here you are :

  • Turn off your phone
  • Remove the back cover of the phone
  • Remove the battery
  • Slide the two blue pieces on the bottom of the phone inwards
  • While firmly grasping the bottom part of your phone (the white part), push the screen part (black) upwards slightly while making sure it doesn’t land on the ground
  • The screen should be easy to remove now.

You should now have two parts that look like the following image. Clean the parts I circled in red with a dry towel (not too abrasive so a soft one might be better)

Then put your phone back together by undoing what I said in my bullet points. If it still doesn’t work you should contact Fairphone’s support, either by telephone, or using this webpage (expect long delays).


Similar problem, either got blank screen, or lots of lines. Took screen off and many thanks to ideas in this forum - the ruller to push against worked, and now working. But a worry, if this keeps happening?

I did this several times now.
Unfortunately my phone shows this issues especcially on cold temperatures.
When I hold it warm and cosy the issues get better (but never vanish completely)
I cleand the phone several times now (I think 10-12 times) I started witz cleaning in an 2 week intervall and now I need to disassemple my phone on an daily basis to make it work.
For the time being the phone is not usable for me - as I’m a heavy user. It is very unwelcome that I sometimes can not take calls and can not answer my Emails for hours before I have the opportunity to clean the phone again.

Yesterday I have organized another mobile phone for daily use. The FP2 is not usable for me while this issue is ongoing. I think I’ll send it in for repair…

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